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  5. "我觉得那里的咖啡最好喝。"


Translation:I think the coffee there is the tastiest.

November 20, 2017



I think that place's coffee is the most delicious. was rejected.


"I think that the coffee there is the most delicious," "I think that the coffee there is best," and "I think the coffee there is tastiest" were also rejected. None of these are bad translations.

Beyond that, I don't normally talk about coffee being the "tastiest" or "most delicious." I'd just say, "I think the coffee there's best."


"That place" is "那个地方". They just said "那里" which is "there".


I think the coffee there tastes the best. The question asks what has the best taste, not what is best generally.


I think the coffee there tastes the best. = Accepted: 17 jan. 2020.


I am struggling with this tree. Not because of the Chinese, but rather the construction of the English sentences! They are giving me a hard time! Who put those?? Whyyyyyy??


I agree. I'm spending more time contorting my English to fit what I think they think is right than I am understanding what's said/written in Chinese!


"I think coffee tastes the best there" is a natural English translation that includes all content of the Chinese sentence.


too limited in translation.


Juede means think or feel; either should be accepted (the Chinese do not make such a strong distinction between thinking and feeling as Westerners do either).


"I think that the coffee there is the tastiest" Is there anything wrong with this sentence? It was not accepted


Yes, in Duo-English you cannot say that you think THAT..... You have to leave out the THAT. I found in a previous exercise I was marked wrong for saying "think that" instead of just "think" followed by whatever the description of the thought was, so now I just omit the relative pronoun. I suggest you report it next time this happens to you.


"I think the coffee is the best there" was marked wrong. It is a correct translation and should be accepted.


I appreciate the work that the creators put into this course, but they generally failed to realize that grammatically correct phrase is "think that" not "think"


It is 2020 and the English here is still from some 1845 dictionary. Never heard anyone referring to coffee as "the tastiest". I am sure this has been flagged countless times and still not fixed. And I am a paying customer so while I would agree that this might be OK for free, sadly not the case.


It doesn't say "the best", it says "the most delicious". 最 means most, 好喝 means delicious. Not the best, but the best tasting. This is the only correct solution.


Very annoying, coffee tastes good or is very good not the tastiest


I want to say: I believe the coffee over there is the best. The way the sentence is phrased is quite opinionated, implying a gut feeling. The person is strongly stating an opinion by starting the sentence with "I". Believe is better in this case, because not only does the sentence starts with "我" but it also use the word "最好" instead of "很好" or if the person said "pretty good". The sentence would be structured differently if you were conveying a more polite "think" because the speaker would not use it with "best".


I'm wrong because I omitted the particle "the"??? I think the coffee is best there


"I think the coffee there is the most tasty" was also rejected. I think "most tasty" and "tastiest" are equivalent and are equally acceptable constructions in English.


Why is 觉 read as jiào instead of júe


I'm sorry, but "tasty coffee"? Really? I've never heard anyone describe coffee as "tasty"! Maybe that's another Americanism?


Nope. "Tasty" and "tastiest" are not words commonly used in the US to describe food or drink in this context. It's more natural to say "delicious", "good", or "the best." Some people might say: "that was really tasty!", but it's used more as a special compliment than a generic description.


Completely agree.


We do not describe drinks as being tasty!


I would never say the coffee is the tastiest!


I really object to having to put the answer Duolingo wants when this is not good English!


As a native US/English speaker: What is the difference between "tastes best" and "is the best tasting"?


The DL translators mystify me. Why not 'is really delicious' (which is what English speakers acutally say) rather than 'the tastiest' (which I have never heard anyone say, ever)?


I've never heard of a coffee being described as tasty...


Nobody talks like this in real life (tastiest, really?!). The 'most tasty' should be accepted




I'm curious, why did you post this comment? It's just the word-for-word title of this discussion thread.


I am just trying to type it by myself, so I can remember the pinyin and the characters


Ah that makes sense.. 没关系!


'I think the coffee there is the best tasting.' - rejected!!! Of course, I have reported it, and hope DL can be a bit more accepting.


I think that place's coffee is the best tasting.


"I think the coffee is tastiest there" shouldn't this be acceptable


"I think the coffee there is the best to drink" was rejected but is fine

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