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How are the Stories coming along?

For those of you learning Spanish or Portughese (sp?), how has Stories helped you? I'm excited for them to add it for Italian and German, so I'm curious as to how it's working for people so far.

Also, what's the plan for what's coming next with Stories? What languages are planned next? How's the progress going? Duo team, I'd like to hear your thoughts so far on how Stories is coming along! :)

November 20, 2017



Stories are great. I think they really help you hear and understand the respective language. The only problem I have with it is that they use words that aren't learned in the skills. But I guess that helps too.


Great for learning more vocabulary and listening. Hopefully we will get some more soon :)


I am so glad you asked - I also can't wait for Italian stories!!


I really like it. When you're only halfway through the tree, you can still understand thanks to the hover-over translations, so you get a sort of "sneak preview" of what it could be like later on, to read actual books or watch movies etc in your target language. Further along in the tree, it helps teach you to use context clues instead of desperately wracking your brain the direct English translation for every word you see, which is important for picking up vocab and being able to read books/newspapers/articles/etc. It's also just fun, if you enjoy stories, since I find all of them to be pretty cute. So yes, I'm really happy for them, and hope they're progressing nicely for the other languages :)

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I just finished the Spanish lesson tree yesterday and I just found out about the Stories today (as I am mainly using the app).

I hope they can integrate Stories into the app asap. I think it is very helpful. I am still having a hard time constructing sentences but I think through Stories it would help me improve my sentence construction and vocabulary.


Portuguese :)

I was delighted when I first saw it, my heart really went boom! I'm also interested to read what the people who've tried it think about it, and I hope we'll get to see it implemented to many more languages eventually xx

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