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  5. "我这个星期六有一个约会。"


Translation:I have a date this Saturday.

November 20, 2017



A date? In English, "a date" only applies when meeting someone with the possibility of a prospective amorous relationship. For instance: "I set up a date for my sister with my friend Alan ." Is that what "约会" mean? That's news to me . . . A date of this kind would be: "约会对象." The one here is "an appointment."


"约会对象" means the person whom one meets on a (romantic) date, which is also referred to as one's "date" in English.

And yes: it may be news to you (probably because you aren't a native speaker of Chinese), but "约会" is almost always used to mean "(romantic) date", and not to mean "appointment". If you use "约会" to mean anything other than a romantic date, then native speakers will look at you funny.


Technically, you are right 约会 means an appointment, engagement or date. However, in common speech and without other context it usually refers to a date with someone of the opposite sex.


I like you Gary.. i need to follow


约会 - any appointment or strictly romantic (date)?


"约会" is strictly "romantic date" in common usage. Using "约会" to refer to something like a doctor's appointment, for example, would sound just as strange to most native speakers of chinese as the sentence "I have doctor's date" does to native english speakers: it sounds like what is meant is that you have a (romantic) date with a doctor.


I also think an appointment is ok.


"I have an appointment this Saturday." = Accepted: 25 dec. 2019.


I'm guessing it's a (romantic) date since it's in a Saturday and we already learned the word for romantic. Fits better than an appointment, doesn't it?


Audio does not play at all for me.


My quiz stuck ...


Quiz got stuck for me too


Could it be an appointment for 约会 here?


"This Saturday I have one appointment" was not accepted


It is funny how in the earlier parts of this course it does not let you say 'this Saturday' when comes to a future event. You get marked often wrong because they want you to say "next Saturday" (or whatever future day they write).

But now in this part of the Course it is always 'this Saturday' or whatever day.


the words for this Saturday (zhe ge) are different than next Saturday (xia ge) though


I tried "rendez-vous", which is more romantic...


So should I follow the native speakers here and ignore Duolingo about using it as a date ?


I've got a date this Saturday was rejected.


Not if he won't call you...

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