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  5. "我想开始学功夫。"


Translation:I would like to start learning kung fu.

November 20, 2017



"I want to start learning kung fu" should also be accepted


Why does "I want to start to learn gong fu" not work?


Your verb and structure are fine, but "kung fu" is well established in English, rather than "gong fu".


I want to start studying Kungfu.


Yes except we normally write Kung Fu with a space in the middle.


I was under the impression that Chinese didn't use "kung fu" / "gong fu" to refer to the martial art as westerners do. I thought it meant something like mastery of any particular skill and that "wushu" was used for martial arts.

Or did Chinese also adapt the English meaning back and add it as another meaning of 功夫?


When I was in China, the college martial arts clubs and competitions used 武术. However, a Chinese medicine doctor referred to the old Chinese man teaching her qigong and associated philosophy as her "gongfu teacher."


Next phrase in the lesson is missing: "Patience, young grasshopper".


Studying and learning are synonymous in English and chinese. It shouldn't be incorrect to use one over the other


Almost synonymous in meaning but not quite in usage. Compare: I have learnt French (it's completed, I know it all, I'm fluent) and I've studied French (I've had lessons but probably haven't mastered it.) Hence we can say 'I studied Chinese today' but it's nonsensical to say 'I learnt Chinese today' (a very common error amongst my Chinese students, by the way.) In this sentence both are possible though I would prefer 'study'.


This has so many possible correct translations. It's too strict


Just remember to report any translation you think should be added to the database. They're working on it (slowly).

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