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Add "words" to Japanese

In the french course, there is a feature in between "home" and "discussion" called "words". This feature should be added to this Japanese course because of how useful it is in the French course. I forget words a lot, this is especially true for Japanese. With the "words" option, I could easily study and memorize the words without searching through lessons, which becomes more of a hassle with the more lessons completed. Please consider this!

November 20, 2017



こんにちわ なま-さん。 I am also a new comer when it comes to learning Japanese, I've been forgetting a lot of the words quickly right after learning it. My brother, who is also learning a language, is taking notes, so when he forgets something, he can just pull it back up. I've started doing this too, and this helping my learning ability miraculously, so I recommend you start taking notes. If you want to type Hiragana without a Japanese keyboard I recommend, http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hiragana.htm .


I believe you meant to say "こんにちは". "は" here works as a particle, so it's read like "wa".


Also, they don't use dashes in front of "san" and foreign words and names are written in katakana. Also, they don't use spaces much, but a comma is probably needed there. So, it should be "こんにちは、ナマさん。”.


Have a look at testmoogle's second comment in this discussion:


Just follow the steps listed - this works!


Good tip, thanks.

Well i would also like to have the pronunciation for kanjis written in romanji or at least katakana / hiragana. I'm often doing the exercices at work (while i'm on break ...) and can't listen to the pronunciation.


Thanks testmoogle and Faisane , it works. BTW, we still have "only" 998 words...


Well, if i'm not wrong, this course cover only about primary school japanese so it's not surprising.


I whole heartedly agree. I would love to see an "end of level" review of words, kanji and relatables.

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