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Bulgarian vs. Macedonian

Hello everyone! Welcome back our next challenge of the Versus Series is Bulgarian vs. Macedonian!!!

In case you are unfamiliar with this challenge here is the discussion were we talked about it and the other competitions are here as well: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25125242


We are going to put each language to challenge each other in 3 categories. 1. How it sounds (spoken) 2. How is sings (sung) 3. How it looks (written)

Now, what you have to do is vote! Choose who's your winner in this round. DON'T FORGET: we would like you to write in great detail why you chose the language you voted for. Let's start!

Bulgarian -

  1. Spoken: https://youtu.be/57m0PfhE68c
  2. Sung: https://youtu.be/uVY87YohJv0
  3. Written: Всички хора се раждат свободни и равни по достойнство и права. Tе са надарени с разум и съвест и следва да се отнасят помежду си в дух на братство.

Macedonian -

  1. Spoken: https://youtu.be/HHjmbeH7iM8
  2. Sung: https://youtu.be/ZA76PrBLIA0
  3. Written: Ситe чoвeчки суштeствa сe рaѓaaт слoбoдни и eднaкви пo дoстoинствo и прaвa. Tиe сe oбдaрeни сo рaзум и сoвeст и трeбa дa сe oднeсувaaт eдeн кoн друг вo дуxoт нa oпштo чoвeчкaтa припaднoст.
November 20, 2017



Urrrghhh... This is one of the tougher ones you have put out there! I'll go with Macedonian for this one though. Gotta love those palatal consonants.


If I would be honest, I like Macedonian more because of its sweet sound! I'm learning this beautiful language to understand it better and the people who speak it. The music is another reason that I'm learning it (I mostly listen to songs from Тоше Проески <3). Многу сакам македонски. :)


Great comparison, Macedonian! The language seems to flow a lot better. Really hope there will be a course in the incubator soon.


Uhm, difficult choice... bulgarian! :)

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