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  5. "你想不想跟我们一起去看划龙舟比赛?"


Translation:Would you like to go together with us to watch the dragon boat competition?

November 20, 2017



"Do you want to go with us to watch the dragon boat competition" should be accepted


for some reason, this was completely pre-done for me?


Could someone explain the function of the word 划?


I believe, literally, the phase 去看划 should be just "go watch paddling/rowing". The person is inviting to see the paddling at the Dragon Boat Competition.


Then, why is that word not in the English sentence? In another sentence in this lesson somebody said that the formulation would be more natural in Chinese by just leaving out 划


The above person is incorrect. The 划 in 划龙舟 works exactly the same as 打 in 打篮球 or 踢 in 踢足球。It's just very common in chinese to include the verb before the activity.

If you wanted to say the sentence "My older brother plays basketball well" you can either say 我哥哥打篮球打得很好 OR just simply 我哥哥篮球打得很好。 In the same manner, if you wanted to say "My older brother rows the dragonboat well", you can say 我哥哥划龙舟划得很好 OR 我哥哥龙舟划得很好。Both are extremely common and neither is really better than the other.

However, to say "dragonboat competition" or "basketball game" it is actually more natural to just simply say 龙舟比赛 and 篮球比赛。


"Would you like to join us to watch the dragon boat competition together" seems more appropriate


"Do you want to go to watch the dragon boat paddling competition with us?" is rejected. I think "to paddle" should be allowed to be made explicit in this exercise with the phrase "dragon boat paddling competition".

The aforementioned answer is accepted without "paddling", at least.


The pronunciation of 舟 is absolute garbage, you can barely hear the zh sound.


Such long sentences just should not be offered for translation. Way too many options!


Races should be accepted in addition to race.


"Would you like to come with us and watch the dragon boat competition?" I reported the suggested answer because it's unnatural.


I just corrected to the unnatural and ungrammatical "Do you want to and see the dragon boat competition with us?"!


What is wrong with " would you like to go see the dragon boat competition with us?


along with us rather than together with us would pribably be better


I think I will get a nervous breakdown from all the "my answer should have been accepted". Boats (pl) should be accepted, because competition implies there is more than one.


Not if we say 'dragon boat competition(s)'. When used attributively (i.e. before another noun) a noun is always in the singular form. We say 'passenger jet' even though there are many passengers, and 'doughnut shop' even though it has many doughnuts.


"Would you like to go together with us to go and see the Dragon Boat competition?" is what I wrote and marked wrong. I think it should be correct. :(


competition = race?

Oh, I see. It is accepted.


"Do you want to go together with us to see the Dragon Boat festival contest" is correct, but not accepted. Please fix. There are many alternative translations other than the "correct one." It is maddening to have to conform to some "iconic" translation, some of which are not correct English.

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