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  5. "This duck is much slower."

"This duck is much slower."

Translation:이 오리가 훨씬 더 느려요.

November 20, 2017



Can we omit 더 here?

Is 더 here used for emphasis?

이 오리가 훨씬 느려요.


No. 더 means "more". In this case "more slow". Removing it wouldn't make sense


But don't 훨씬 and 더 both mean "more"? Why do we need both of them, if not for emphasis?


느려요 – ... is slow.

더 느려요 – ... is slower (or more slow).

훨씬 – (very) much, far, a lot.

훨씬 더 느려요 – much slower.


Yes. It is accepted


훨씬 is "much" in this sentence, 더 is "-er", but unlike in English you don't need it. "This duck is much slow." -> "This duck is like slow slow."


I don't quite understand why it's "오리가" and not "오리는". Can someone explain it to me? I thought you use 가 mostly when the subject doing an action but here duck is more of a topic that the speaker talks about. I see it more like a contrasting topic and not a subject (refering to Basic 1). Or maybe both should be acceptable.


when they use subject marker 가/이 in 오리가 (it is focused in what's all about the duck? =훨씬 더 느려요 means the duck is MUCH SLOWER). If topic marker 은/는 is used in 오리는 (It is focused in... which one is much slower =refers to the DUCK.) 오리가 훨씬 더 느려요. = The DUCK is much slower.


Both should be acceptable.


I think I use 이/가 not 은/는 when the subject is compared, comparative.


NO, in this case 오리가 is correct. 오리는 is grammatically correct but weird.


"This duck is much slower" kind of implies you've already talked about a similarly slow duck for comparison so 은/는 would probably go in that sentence and this one follows on from that so uses 이/가.

For example: 그 오리는 느리지만 이 오리가 더 훨씬 느려요


From what I understand 가 used when you talk about the specific duck. 는 used when it's not about specific duck, it can be any duck


Not really. If anything it's more of the opposite


what's the use of 훨씬 here? I understand 더 is like more, but I don't understand 훨씬.


훨씬 means (very) much, far, a lot.


이 오리는 훨씬 더 느려요? wrong? Is duo on drugs?


would this have the same meaning?

이 오리가 느린 훨씬 더 입니다

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