"Make a big ball quickly."

Translation:빨리 큰 공을 만드세요.

November 20, 2017

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A snowball I guess


I dont understand in which order to place these words.


I'm not good at explaining but i'll try, We always place the verb at the end, so the rest of the words come before it. For the noun and adjective, we place the adjective first (because it's like saying the big ball vs the ball is big). And then the adverb, quickly, can be placed either at the front of the sentence (it wouldn't make sense to put it in between the adj and noun) or right before the verb (verb goes last), either one works. If you read/listen to korean often, it starts to come naturally and you don't have to think about placement as much.


why does 빨리 have to comme before 큰 공을?? I tried writting 큰 공을 빨리 만드세 and it didn't get accepted. Can someone explain why?


Maybe because it has to be 만드세요 instead of 만드세?


I wrote 빨리 큰 공을 만드세요 and it was eccepted


It's one of the rules of Korean syntax. For example, in English, 'To quickly cook....' is incorrect, but we do it all the time! It should be 'To cook quickly...' because that's one of the rules of English syntax.

This app would be more helpful if it explained the rules of the word order (syntax) first because 1) the English rules don't always apply and 2) we may not know the English rules correctly! Hope this helps!


The "split infinitive" is perfectly grammatical English. The idea that it's not is a prescriptive rule dating back to the days when we thought every language should behave like Latin.


It's accepted now (Dec.2021).

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