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"Let's go watch a movie, and relax!"


November 20, 2017



This would still be correct without the 一下, right?


Not really. I really can't explain why, but as someone who grew up in a Chinese-speaking household, saying that sentence without the 一下 sounds unnatural. Someone else can probably give a better explanation.


I don't know how to explain either, but the sentence is left hanging without it. Or it sounds a bit like a command.


Isn't 咱们 better than 我们 in that kind of context?


Possible, but 咱们 has two effects:

  1. Inclusion, including both the the speaker and the listener.
  2. Colloquialism. 咱们 is rarely used in formal occasions.

So, It depends on you.


I feel like 'ba' is nice, but not necessary. Can anyone help me out here? This has always confused me.


For this case I'm pretty sure it's equivalent to the "lets" in English - ie friendly suggestion rather than the sorta more commanding 吗

[deactivated user]

    I was taught that 把 softens the statement into a suggestion from one which could be interpreted as a command.

    [deactivated user]

      巴, 对不起!

      [deactivated user]

        吧. :-\


        It's there to make it sound like a suggestion, like what you'd say to friends. Without it it sounds like something someone of higher authority, e.g. a teacher to students, would say.

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