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  5. "A week is seven days."

"A week is seven days."

Translation:일주일은 이레입니다.

November 20, 2017



If 일주 means "one week", what does the other 일 stands for? Day? If so, the literal translation would be "one week days is seven days" or something like that? ~send help~


주 means a round/cycle and has been applied to weeks but you have to add words to set something as a duration. 일 is certainly being used in its sense as a counter word in the Korean. One week of days is seven days. In Japanese the equivalent word for 주일 could also be counted as six or five days depending on to what extent the weekend is included so this is informative to me -- in Korean it seems fixed at seven . . .


Is it normal that the word for seven does not appear?


In Korean "7 days" is one word.

하루: one day

이틀: two days

사흘: three days

나흘: four days

닷새: five days

엿새: six days

이레: seven days

여드레: eight days

아흐레: nine days

열흘: ten days


It does, actually. See here.

It is not very common beyond one and two though.


I wouldn't recommend you to memorize this word. I have honestly never heard the word these days.

하루, 이틀, 사흘, 나흘. people say them a lot. Try the rest of them, if you have enough time or want to learn words further.


"Seven days" goes as one word, thus it's not a surprise that a word for "seven" alone doesn't appear


이레 means seven days


cf. the word 이레 is getting disappearing.


Do you use 일주일 when talking about just a single week as a sort of noun and 주 when talking about last week/next week/2 weeks/etc?


주일 and 주 are synonymous. (주, poss. abbreviation of 주일)

Both stand for "week(s)" and both can be used as counter for week. 주 is found more in common usage.

일/한 주일 = 일/한 주 = 1 week

이/두 주일 = 이/두 주 = 2 weeks

이번 주일 = 이번 주 = this week

지난 주일 = 지난 주 = last week

다음 주일 = 다음 주 = next week

일주일 내내 (all week long) = 일주 내내 (throughout the week)



"이레"라는 말 잘안써요, "칠일"입니다가 훨신 자연스럽지


No one really uses those fancy numbered day words anymore besides 하루 and 이틀 in my experience


이레 stand for "seven days"


Lit. One week period is seven days.

주일 - week period / period of a week.

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