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Late-night rambles about languages that I regret every morning so... yay...

Whether you are trying to learn a new language or are already 50% fluent, these are some fun ways to help you- I haven't even started yet and I already sound like a top 10 list Youtuber. Haha.

Note: I can guarantee that I will mess this up somehow and get really awkward. Oh and this is LONG. Completely out of boredom.

  1. Translate star, heart, diamond, circle. square, whatever you can think of... into the language of the choice. You did it? Great. But you did it in a wrong way- Or did you...? I mean by doing exactly what I told you is almost the very definition of correct... cOUGH... Anyway, you shouldn't translate by word. No no no.

☆ ♡ ◇ ○ □ RENAME symbols and images. ☆ You see this? I- Ok I am getting overconfident whoops...

☆ I am not translating "star" to French. No. I am saying ☆ by its name and its name is étoilé... I think... Don't take my word on that translation um...

  1. Another thing! Study to work on translating an entire song. Maybe start a song with easy and simple lyrics to accurately translate. Or a poem, story, I don't know- Anything. I've been trying this and it honestly helps.

  2. Find a friend that shares your interests in a language. If you connect with a person and learn the language with them, some sentences may even be nostalgic to you and stuck in your memory. "Je suis un oiseau" "I am a bird" was my first actual French sentence while making jokes with a friend, and those words haven't left since.

  3. Make comics in your target language. I do this on Colors.live / Colors! 3D and it really helps. You can even make an English comic with the other language below as a translation, if you want. To not get bored, combine the language with what you love. I worked hours on translating a comic I was just making, about my favourite little fictional world. ^-^

This was mainly to make up for the lack of rambling I could torment my friends with today, so yeah. This discussion arose out of boredom. :p

Au revoir et bonne nuit!

November 20, 2017

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Your third point is something I do when I just want to isolate myself from other people and practice both my drawings and languages. I do this on Colors 3D, too! Though, I primarily just use French, though, I sometimes use Japanese in my comics.

In addition, I like writing short poems in different languages and I try to write them in my target language(s) first instead of from English.

I found this post both interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing this!

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