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  5. "医院离这里远吗?"


Translation:Is the hospital far from here?

November 20, 2017



"Is the hospital far away from here?" should also be accepted.


Likewise "Is it far from the hospital to here?". All these '离' sentences have English translations that are hard to guess. There are lots of ways to ask this in English, none of which are any better translations of the Chinese....


"Is a hospital far from here?" was rejected.


I think in this case we would have to say 'Is there a hospital far from here?' and the question is a bit meaningless because, well, obviously there is. The fact that we ask if it's far suggests we are thinking of a particular hospital, so we must use the definite article. 'Is there a hospital near here?' in contrast is a perfectly natural question (though not 'Is a hospital near here?')


Accept "far away"


Is the order of the 2 places important, like is one of the places more emphasized?


Yes. 学校离这里远吗 means that your destination is the school(学校) while 那里离学校远吗 means that your destination is there (那里)

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