Simplest English sentence with all four cases.

(that i can think of)... The principle gave the student the teacher's book. In German you have to change the 'the' according to the case. or the question it answers... give is the verb. nominative answers who?- who gave? the principle. accusative answers what? what was given? the book. dative answers to whom? (kinda old school but...) to whom was it given? the student. genitive answers whose? whose book was given? the teacher's - no " 's " in german but the 'the' changes. only way i can wrap my head around the cases....

March 28, 2012


Nice example.

Here's the German translation:

Der Direktor gab dem Studenten das Buch des Lehrers.

May 4, 2013

Good example!

May 29, 2013


January 3, 2013


March 3, 2013

Thanks a lot!

September 28, 2013
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