"Který automobil prodáváš?"

Translation:Which car are you selling?

November 20, 2017



Why "auto" in English is never accepted? All dictionaries know it as well as people understand =)

November 20, 2017


Why not What kind of car do you sell?...

February 26, 2018


The Czech word "který" mean "which", not "what kind of".

The interrogative "which" asks you to specify one out of several, or one from a list of items, and so on.

In contrast "what kind of" asks you to describe the nature or properties or characteristics of something.

Which orange do you want? The one in your left hand.

What kind of orange do you want? A big, juicy one.

March 10, 2018


"Which vehicle are you selling?" was not accepted. Is vehicle too non-specific. For example, does "automobil" mean "car" specifically, opposed to "truck?"

April 18, 2019


I 'd say it is. The direct equivalent of vehicle is vozidlo. It is anything from a truck to a carriage or even a bicycle

April 18, 2019
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