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Persian is still missing...

Now we have almost many of the most important Asian languages, except Persian. Please try to add it. That's a great language, when Arabic is being contributed it means that Persian can be too, because both of them have the same writing system and many words, but they're different : Persian has some French words, different pronunciations and .... .

You'll be fascinated by reading or listening to its wonderful poems and songs! Please listen to them and get the full impact of it : (for example: How far I'll go song by Glory "Koja Raanam") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RSmMSgYvRw

For more information about Persian language and where did it come from read this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-European_languages

  • I wish I'll be able to add it on Duolingo Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading this :)
November 20, 2017



It's very beautiful! After I finish Japanese, I would love to try it!


Thank you sweetie for respecting the Persian language :)


‎سلام / Салом! I support the creation of a Persian course here. However I feel it should be clear which dialect you want. There's Farsi, Dari and Tajik (which is written with Cyrillic). To be clear I support all three as Duolingo courses. Which dialect did you apply for?


Yes, when we talk about Persian, it is Farsi :) thank you for supporting :)


Judging from her bio, I'm guessing Farsi.


Hi Elsa_Joon! I really hope duolingo accepts your application. I really want to learn Persian, preferably Farsi. Good luck and a lingot! :)


Hi, I'll do my best to add it :) thanks.


I've applied for it two years ago and many times.


I'm a believer now. Enjoy a Lingot.


Iran is a fascinating country which I would like to visit one day. I'm not sure if I would actually commit my self to learning the entire language, but I would be very interested in dabbling a bit into its basic grammar and vocab. It's definitely one of the most important languages out there, by both historical and modern geopolitical standards.


Yeah, exactly :) thanks


I am an Arabic native speaker and I would like to learn Farsi. I have visited Iran couple of times and I liked the culture there. I have a number of Persian friends.


Thanks, I am a lover of Arabic too. I speak a bit :)


Yes, this would be wonderful! I really hope this course gets going really soon. Persian is a very beautiful language and I would love to have it on Duolingo.


I would like to do it after I finish German.

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