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  5. "비싼 닭이 꽤 귀엽습니다."

"비싼 닭이 귀엽습니다."

Translation:The expensive chicken is quite cute.

November 20, 2017



Did anybody else type 'the expensive strawberry'? Guess I should read instead of just listening.


I was pretty sure the correct pronunciation for 닭 is 'dakk', so without a doubt I heard strawberry


It is normally, but I think it changes because the 이 at the end makes it easier to pronounce the ㄹ and ㄱ right after each other. I don't know for certain tho


You are correct that the syllable block 이 that follows 닭 changes its pronunciation. The double final consonant in 닭 is pronounced as a ㄱ-받침. However when this double final consonant is followed by a vowel sound (technically the silent initial consonant ㅇ) the second final consonant moves over and resyllablizes. The first final consonant stays and gets pronounced as its own 받침 (ㄹ in this case).

Hence 닭 is normally pronounced /닥/ in a vacuum, but 닭이 is pronounced /달기/.

Edit: Note it takes a practiced ear to hear the difference between 딸기 ("strawberry") and 닭이 ("chicken", tagged with a subject marker).

The word for "strawberry" is spelled with a tensed consonant, while the word for "chicken" is spelled with a plain/neutral consonants. Its hard to explain the difference text, here's a good video about it. Note that the video also covers the third plosive variant: aspirated.


Is 꽤 supposed to be pronounced 'gae' or 'gwae'


Try to avoid relying on romanization for pronunciation since Korean sounds are different from English sounds and romanization only approximates them.

The proper romanization (since 2000) is "kkwae".


It may be better to cut of romanisation because I think it's better to "connect" just sounds with the letters in your head instead of other letters they may become if you have something like "으".

So what I wanted to say is that if you read the letters without the imaged english letters, gae and gwae is actually not a question. But I would prefer "gwae" I guess with a double g because it's ㄲ instead of ㄱ.

Also I like your profile picture.


The romanisation is ggwae, but like Block said, skip the romanisations for better pronunciation


I put "Expensive chickens are quite cute" which kind of makes less sense in context but I feel like it still shouldn't have been marked wrong?


Maybe expensive chicks are quite cute. At least it has some meaning.


I put "expensive chicken is quite cute" and was marked wrong. Based on this situation, I think my translation is equally accurate.


I THINK an "a" or "the" on the beginning of the sentence would have been correct... but I don't know so please don't hate me if I get this wrong :u


Also could be a chicken beauty contest, so "a" is too uncertain?


... a pet chicken. the most popular breed. has beautiful feathers and performs tricks on command. uses the litter tray. tries to eat your sandwich. walks on the lead. hops funnily in shoes. greets with 'hello gorgeous'.


Are we talking about all expensive chicken being cute?

Or of two chicken choices, are we saying the expensive one is cute and not the less expensive chicken?

And are we talking about a live chicken, or a cooked one that the chef decorated to look delicious and cute?

Not talking about all, just one? Then "the" is correct.

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