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  5. "这里不收信用卡。"


Translation:Credit cards are not accepted here.

November 20, 2017



"we don't accept credit card here" ..was not accepted. I accidentally didn't make credit cards plural as I should have but otherwise think this translation should be accepted


I just wrote "this place doesn't accept credit card" and it doesn't accept it either, and I think it should accept it for the reasons you said

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"we don't take credit cards here is" is now accepted.


came here to say the same thing


wow i have such a low streak =(


Credit cards not accepted here... should also be acceptable.


Credit Cards aren't accepted here is better imo.


It's often abbreviated as Brett506171 says in most English speaking countries.

The trouble is that comments can be up here for months, but nobody seems to respond or change anything, unlike some other languages here.

While Duolingo is great and about 90% there in all aspects, the limited English answers are a pain sometimes. Getting marked wrong because of these limitations undermines confidence and is irritating.


I agree. It's discouraging if the English translation that comes most naturally is not accepted.


Traditional Chinese: 這裡不收信用卡。

信用卡is credit card, while 信用is credit and 卡 is card. 卡 sounds like 卡. 信用besides credit, also means trust. For example 他守信用 He holds what he said.


I think you mean "卡" sounds like the English word "card". This appears to be why it's also used in "賀卡" (greeting card), "聖誕卡" (Christmas card), and other card-related terms.


What part means 'we'?


As Gabrielle145359 said, nothing in the Chinese sentence means "we." You just have to infer a subject (we or they) to make the English sentence work.


Nothing in the Chinese sentence means "we". 这里 means "here."


"a credit card" should be acceptable- not just the plural "credit cards"


I wrote, "Don't take credit cards here" because i didn't know that, "we" or "they" was part of the translation. Is the word, "we" omitted here?


There is no "We" in the phrase "这里不收信用卡。", however, restaurants or any other business who does not accept credit cards display a sign "We do not accept credit cards".

Perhaps a more correct translation of "这里不收信用卡。" would be "Credit cards are not accepted here."


It's given me both "we don't" and "they don't" as correct answers, but with nothing in the original to specify either one, it is unclear why.


Because either is possible/fine. It’s English that requires that specific piece of information in this sentence, Chinese doesn’t, so in real life you would know which applies but in an exercise you just have to pick one for yourself.


"Credit cards not accepted here" is often what is on signs, but it won't take that because there is no 'are'. Ridiculous.

Meanwhile I see no 'are' in any of the Chinese characters.



It won't take "Credit cards are not taken here" when in every other example if I use 'accepted' or 收 it tells me the alternative answer is to use the word taken.


Can you tell me why "credit cards not taken here" is not accepted as an answer? It's common in my English part of the world. Also 收 can mean to receive, take, or accept in any Mandarin Chinese dictionary

There are simply not English answers here, I'm finding I have to learn by rote the answers simply because English answers are so restricted.

It's a lot easier to do when in some exercises there are English words supplied to choose from. That way you at least have a chance.


'They don't accept cards here' should be accepted.


'Credit card not accepted here' is not accepted here. :/


this is yet another example of the duolingo "translator" not being prepared to accept perfectly good english translations. there are countless other examples of this on this chinese course


This course is still in beta testing, which means the course contributors haven't thought of every possible translation yet. Please report missing translations and they will be added :) If that's too much trouble, try a language course that is no longer in beta.


Nine months later there is no change.


When I input "We do not accept credit cards.", I get "Here we do not accept credit cards." as the suggested answer which is unnatural English.

Furthermore, Duolingo underlines the word "we" as a missed word even though that word is already in the rejected answer.

Edit: It looks like the more natural "We do not accept credit cards here." is accepted, so it's strange to suggest the aforementioned unnatural answer.


The word here seems redundant in its most likely usage and perhaps ought to be optional.


I'm unsure if they are pronouncing the word 用 in the audio.


It's faint, but it's there.


"This place does not accept credit card" Missing the "s" at the end of "card" makes the whole thing wrong...


I put "They don't take credit card here." And it wasn't accepted. I forgot the S.


My answer is acceptable


Will Duolingo finally wake up and realise that in most places where English it is spoken it is written: "Credit cards not accepted here".

You don't an "are".




"Credit cards not taken" is the right answer but "credit cards not accepted" is wrong? Pedantic


Here credit cards are not accepted. Wrong?


Credit card is not accepted here or credit cardS ARE not accepted here .... So what?!


"Credit cards aren't accepted here" should also be acceptable.


Every other part of this lesson uses take and accept interchangeably. Not this question.


we don`t accept cards here... (surely we have translator rights at this point?)


Why can't "credit cards not accepted here" be accepted?


I put "they don't take credit cards here" does that make sense for this?


信 (xìn) = trust
用 (yòng) = to use
卡 (kǎ) = card

信用卡 (xìn yòng kǎ) = trust use card

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