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Feature questions, Lingots, app conversions


I want to start by saying I think duolingo is great and I have just completed the german tree completely, and as of yet I haven't actually paid for Duolingo plus via the app, but I plan to do so at some point.

I looked through these forums before I posted to try to avoid duplication but I cant find the answers to my questions.

There is a big difference between the features on the app (I use the android app) and the website. From slight variations on things in the store to the amount of support you get in lessons.

For example when learning something new on the website there is usually supporting paragraphs to assist you such as a table of nominative cases. I didn’t realise this until near the end of the course as I had used the app throughout.

I also have around 230 Lingots now and have nothing to use them for. I understand from what I read duolingo is maintained by a small team so development can also be slow, which is understandable. I can’t find any information on the core team though outside volunteers and what or how monthly subscriptions contribute to the development of the site. (I expect server costs are significant).

I want to focus on German and improve. Although I have completed the tree I feel my understanding of the language is very basic and I can still not hold a conversation with any native German (my girlfriend is German and I visit every three weeks), so I will probably look at additional support outside of this site now.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as will any information I have missed on future plans for the website.

Thank you, Craig

November 20, 2017



Duolingo is a great start, but it won't get you completely fluent. If your girlfriend is fluent, I'd recommend having conversations with your girlfriend in German, watching TV shows in German, listening to some German bands, etc. The best way to improve at this point might just be immersion.


Thank you, I have heard immersion really is the answer! I am trying to find ways to watch german subtitled TV or english subtitled german where I can but it's harder to find than I thought. :)


Duolingo will only bring you to an A2/(B1) skill level in reading/writing and A1 (maybe A2) in listening/talking.

Info about language levels:
Read from "Common reference levels".

However, there are numerous possibilities to increase your fluency in daily life without paying for it.

Other ways you could improve your German:

  • The reverse tree, the course English for German speakers, is very useful. There you have to translate much more from English to German.
    Here is the link to the Duolingo Help center for "How do I switch my Duolingo course language?"

  • Use the web version of Duolingo (www.duolingo.com) instead of the App. The web version works also fine on a tablet or phone, when WIFI is available.

  • Try to read (and write) in Duolingo's German discussion forums. There you will find the daily used words, sentences and idiom.

Apart from that

  • read a newspaper article every day and try to learn its new words
  • listen to podcasts, watch movies with or without subtitles
  • converse with a native speaker as much as possible
  • write smaller texts, upload them on http://translatihan.com/ and let them be corrected by native speakers

For more information:
Have a look at the wonderful overview made by Knud van Eeden
"Can you give some links about German?"

Updated: 2018-01-25


Thanks a lot! I've had a look through some of these links and they are really helpful! I used busuu premium for a while and got my A1 assessment but the app was a little bit clunky and bugged so I cancelled as I spend the majority of my time learning via mobile. I'm on the road to getting gold now!


You're welcome.

I am trying to find ways to watch german subtitled TV

The German ARD broadcaster has subtitles in German, via their teletext page 150. I don't know if you can watch the ARD in England.
More information


Thank you :-) I will check it out!

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