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  5. "请再说一次。"


Translation:Please say it one more time.

November 20, 2017





Its the same thing.


It's traditional Chinese. You can see the i radical used in the first and third characters looks significantly different in the tradition script


Well the duolingo here is using mainland Chinese, which is simplified. Yours are traditional :)


another translation can be: "Please, say it again" or "Repeat, please"


Please say it again is accepted :)


Yes, another translation can be "Please, say it again," but no, "repeat, please" is not a good translation.

Many things can be repeated: a musical phrase, a carousel ride, a shot of whiskey, a back scratching session, a dance step. This sentence specifies 说; accordingly, the translation should specify "speak" or "say" (or some other equivalent).


If "one more time" is 再一次, can someone explain why "please say it one more time" isn't: 请说再一次?


This happens because 再 comes before the verb to mean "... again", and 一次 makes this more specific by saying it should happen once. Combined this becomes "once again", i.e. "one more time". So only in translation without context you get 再一次 as one unit.


Can the word 'time' in "一次" (one+time) be used for the concept of time more generally, or is it one of those classifiers? (And I only know classifiers seem to follow numbers etc. sometimes, but not much beyond that - the whys, whens and such are lost on me at this time.)


次 just means "instance, time, etc.", so yes, you can use it to describe the number of times something has happened.


Totally. I struggled with the same thing. I ended up realizing it is directly translated to "please, again say it once." Because Chinese generally puts the time modifiers (today, morning, afterward, again) first in the verb structure.


I am not a native English speaker. Is something wrong with my variant "Please, say this one more time."? It wasn't accepted. Not sure if I should report it.


"Please, say this one more time" is not very common. The more common phrase is "Please say it again."


If you use definitions, "this" and "that" just seem like opposites. But the way we use them, "it" and "that" can be more general, and "this" feels more specific. That's in English.

In Duolingo, it is teaching you specific words at this level, and it probably doesn't want you to use "this" or "that" because those are 这 and 那.

I'm not a native Mandarin speaker, but it also seems like 这 and 那 are less flexible, and the "it" is often implied.


In class we learned 请再说一遍. Can someone explain how this is different or which one is more commonly used?


Another translation might be "Please say it once more."


Why is please say it one time more wrong! Semantics!


please tell me one more time is the same


Please say one more time again is wrong?

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