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  5. what is the point of lingots?


what is the point of lingots?

you can not use them up as there are only 5 thing in the shop an i have brought lflirting,idoms and proverbs and timed practice and have brought streak freeze and double or nothing multiple times.

November 20, 2017


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You are supposed to put them on shelves (bookcases to be purchased from your local store) and dust them off at least once a week!!-) Seriously, the XPs, lingots, levels and fluency scores look like incentives/carrots for encouraging people to come back for more... Some of them do attempt to provide some kind of measure for how well one is doing in a specific language.


how much xp do you have?????????


I have 100 lingots, I have no idea how I got them, but they are pretty useless unless you want extra courses on a language


I think they're basically for giving to posts you really like


yeah i have,it was good

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