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"Leur grand-mère fait un gâteau au chocolat."

Translation:Their grandmother is making a chocolate cake.

March 15, 2013



Why am I hearing an "e" sound between "leur" and "grandmere"?


what is literal meaning of "au" here? please help!


When you add an ingredient, you use preposition "à" + definite article:

  • une soupe à la tomate (= lit. a soup with tomato = a tomato soup)

in masculine singular "à+le" has to contract to "au".

  • une soupe au poulet

in masculine and feminine plural, "à + les" has to contract to "aux"

  • une soupe aux champignons (masculine = mushroom)


Thanks sir, Fully understood. You have given more than I asked for. Merci beaucoup encore!


To me it gave the sentence "Their grandmother prepares a cookie with chocolate" (the same sentence with grandma was not accepted). Can gâteau really mean cookie?


Gâteau is much larger than just cookie. It can be soft, big, all kinds of recipes, it can be biscuit as well.


Luis made a comment that there was a bug that produced strange multiple choice questions. I thought I was going mad when I kept making mistakes on weird questions.


Why is gateau not acceptable?


This. "Their grandmother is making a chocolate gateau" wasn't accepted for some reason?!


Est-ce que c'est pas possible de dire "cooks" au lieu de "makes"?


It's different. Cook = cuisine make = faire Leur grand-mère fait un gâteau au chocolat. = Their grandmother makes a chocolate cake. Leur grand-mère cuisine un gâteau au chocolat = Their grandmother cooks a chocolate cake.


why "gâteau au chocolat" doesn't translated as "cake with chocolate"?


Quand il y a un ingrédient principal, on transforme le nom de l'ingrédient en adjectif et on le place devant le nom de la préparation.

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