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  5. "Tu lucrezi ca gardian."

"Tu lucrezi ca gardian."

Translation:You work as a guardian.

November 20, 2017



don't you say "watchman" for guardian in english ? Here in Peru ( also in Ecuador but less) they call the guardian " wachiman). when I settled here 26 years ago, I had no idea what a " wachiman" could mean in spanish !! ( i mean in spanglish )worse so because my mother tongue is French. !!) in French guardian is gardien.


Ah ha. "Guard" or "security guard" is the correct English translation. "Watchman" also should be accepted.

In English a "guardian" is the person who acts as a child's parent when the birth parents are dead, missing, or absent. For example, "If my parents die, then my aunt will become my guardian."


So does the Romanian word 'gardian' translate to the English word 'guard/ security guard/watchman' or to the word guardian (someone who acts in place of parents)?


normally being a guardian is not a job, though it can be a title or function by appointment, usually by court decision


...gardianul galaxiei :-D

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