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"Ta malá myš nevidí ty velké kočky."

Translation:That little mouse does not see the big cats.

November 20, 2017



I wrote, "that little mouse doesn't see those big cats." The answer was, "can't see." This is incorrect.


Well not sure about the updates, by the time I am replying it says that "That little mouse does not see the big cats" is the correct answer. Your answer is right, that's what the sentence literally means.


Well, 'cannot (can't) see' is as correct as 'does not see' in English. But don't see should have been accepted as well. Was it refused?


I was comparing the course in Polish and Czech and found that in Czech to and ta is always translated as "the", while in Polish (my mother tongue) it literally means "this". Is there any functional difference between Czech and Polish ta and to (from my perspective there isn't) or was this translation simply omitted in the Czech course?


In Czech ten, ta, to is the base demonstrative, regardless of the proximity or the remoteness, so it can be translated as "this" or "that", or it can even be translated as the definite article "the". In Polish, ten, ta, to is only the proximity demonstrative, i. e., "this"; the safest way for translating exactly "this" in Czech is like tento, tato, toto, that as far as I know do not exist in Polish.

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