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Why so many low-strength words?

Hi all,

When I click on the "Words" tab and sort by strength, I have literally hundreds of "overdue" words. Some of these haven't been reviewed in a year. I review using the "strengthen skills" button everyday, and if I try to review the skills where the low-strength words are, the words don't come up. My whole tree is gold, so it's strange that there are so many weak words.

Does anyone else see this, or is it just me?


November 20, 2017



If you like, you can tweak your pratice by using a userscript that shows you the skill to which the weak words belong, so you can redo them specifically. Some skills can be gold and still contain around 70% of words with zero strength. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/halfdan/duolingo-skill-strength/master/skill-strength.user.js If you have tampermonkey or greasemonkey installed in your browser, they will ask to install the script once you follow the link. This script is provided by another user and evaluates your word list. It shows you a list of your skills ordered by their percentage of weak words, below your friends list on the main site.


There is a well-known long-time bug that when you practice words (either re-do lesson or strengthen skill(s)) that the "last practiced" column of the the word in your user database is not being updated..... Or: NEW words are even not being added to the words list.

"Words" tab seems to be a service from the old Python portal and, I can only guess, probably was not rewritten, as the API is still compatible with lekz's Android flashcard app: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19154823/I-ve-made-an-Android-app-to-review-learned-words-same-as-in-Review-Flashcards

I had made a post in "Troubleshooting" before, that the "/vocabulary/overview" stream is even missing some (grammar) skills, when I try to display all weak skills with the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24416411/URL-vocabulary-overview-backend-stream-is-missing-4-verb-skills-words-list-incomplete


That is a very old bug. In the newer courses (like "Dutch for English speakers") there is no Words tab.


That sounds something more like linq than duolingo.

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