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Whats the appropriate use of Kanji , Hiragana, and Katakana ?

As it says above, How do you know on how system should be used? Like When you you know to switch between the three? Thank you and have a wonderful day!

November 20, 2017



Kanji is used with certain Japanese words and many Chinese loanwords. Hiragana is used when there is no Kanji representation of a Japanese word. (It's also sometimes used in place of archaic Kanji.) Katakana is used in foreign loanwords, like ドイツ語 (doitsugo) (German (language)).


Also next time, if you have a question regarding Japanese, you should post it here.


Hiragana is also used for gramatical markers, like particles and verb endings.


This makes a lot of sense! Thank you much for the help, I was wondering so i know what and what kanji is and such. thank you for the link as well! I was looking but couldn't find it, turns out i wasn't looking hard enough! Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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