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Tips & Notes

Where can I find them? I use Duolingo mostly on my mobile phone and tablet, but I will use it on my laptop if I have to. I can't find tips and notes anywhere on any of these devices.

November 20, 2017



On the Home page of each skill ... where you have the list of Lessons ... the Tips &notes are right below the lessons.


Only on the website and there only while viewing the desktop version, you'll find them :)


I mostly use Duo on my laptop because of the tips and notes, and also the conversation threads that go with each exercise. sometimes if I can't use my laptop and am on my phone, I will use the app for the exercises, but also use browser to access duo and check the tips and notes, and if I want the conversation thread for an exercise I will google duolingo + the sentence and can often find the conversation thread that way, but that gets pretty time consuming. The only thing that i really like the app for is the conversation bots.

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