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Lost streak and progress.

I came home from school today and found out my streak had gone. I am really confused because I have been on this everyday and I do not know how it gone. Also, I completed present 2 and I have lost that as well. My 19 golden skills have gone when I practice 24/7. Also, I used to have 146 lingots and now it says I have 121. I have also lost my streak freeze and idioms and flirting lessons. As well as my achievements down the drain. Somebody help, please.

November 20, 2017



Report this to Troubleshooting. They should be able to help you. Unfortunately, these things can be very upsetting. Please don't let it get to you!


Mobile app? You probably have not successfully syncronized to the server.

Had you double checked the XP daily bar graph and flame symbol before? What is your coaching goal? 1XP? 10XP?

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