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  5. "我的朋友想要买那件衣服。"


Translation:My friend wants to buy that piece of clothing.

November 20, 2017



No one says "piece of clothing", please accept article


Here in the US, no one says "article of clothing." The phrase "piece of clothing" is a little odd, but still sounds slightly better than what you suggested.

In everyday speech, when talking about one item of clothing, we usually just say its actual name. "My friend wants to buy that belt / that shirt / those jeans / etc."

"Item" and "item of clothing" are also acceptable and sound way more natural. The word "garment" is also correct, but it is not used by ordinary retail customers. It is mostly used by people who work in clothing stores, the fashion industry, or dry cleaning to describe merchandise.


I'm from the US, and I DO occasionally use the phrase "article of clothing," albeit not that much in casual conversation. "Article" was the first alternative that came to mind when I saw the correct answer for this.


Garment was the first thing that came to mind when I brainstormed ways to avoid the unwieldy 'piece of clothing' contraption. Sadly it's not accepted yet.


I'm American. Piece is just weird. Article is archaic but ok. Item sounds slightly better than either of those, but still clumsy. Garment is super formal but probably my favorite.

The reality is, "clothing" doesn't translate well to/from Chinese. We'd use specific words ("shirts" "dresses") or say "items" or "things" without explaining that they're clothes. That difference between the languages means that learning this word will be accompanied by unwieldy and weird-sounding English.


As an American who has lived all over the country, piece of clothing is a very common phrase


We do it's just rare... you're quite right that piece/article is just not the done thing nowadays.

I suspect if you asked for a piece of clothing in some places... you'd get a gun holster...


They do in english


Still not fixed. I've reported it again.


The translation doesn't sound natural.


I'd be more likely to say "item of clothing" or even "article of clothing" before "piece of clothing". Besides, in this context, you'd be much more likely to mention a particular type of clothing, "that shirt/skirt/sweater...".


I translated this 想要 as "would like to" rather than "wants to," which should be 要。


I agree your translation is fine. " which should be 要。" ...I don't agree with the "should" part of your statement. These words are very flexible and 要 has several meanings, one of which is want. There are other words that can be used for want. So there is a lot of overlap.


The form 想要 seems new and a little odd to me, why not just 想?


You could probably use just 想 here but 想要 is quite common and useful to know. I suspect people use it in this case because 我想買 is three consecutive third tones. This one https://www.chineseboost.com/grammar/xiang3-yao4-xiang3yao4-difference/ discusses the three combinations though doesn't really answer your question.


Thank you for your answer, besides the link to the site with grammar is really helpful! Best wishes!


I read recently that Mandarin is moving more towards morpheme expression with two characters rather than one character (syllable). They didn't specify whether that is just a natural evolution or something more directed.


" my friend would like to buy that clothing" was disallowed but I think it's fine


hmm, in retrospect, I guess I should have included " piece of" or " item of" to be more accurate and less careless, but I definitely think " would like" should be allowed


I would say that 想要 sounds more direct and assertive than just 想, and that might be why "want" is preferred over "would like".


"my friend would like to buy that piece of clothing" was marked wrong


Why is it "想要"? Isn't "想" enough?


The audio pronounced "衣服" as yīfu, but in Taiwan we ususally pronounce it as yīfú.


My friend wants to buy that garment is refused whereas according to wiktionary garment = a single item of clothing... https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/garment


"Garment" is technically correct, but ordinary customers would not use this word in a regular store. That word is mostly used by the seller or people working in the fashion industry to describe merchandise and items that have not been sold.


Ordinary customers don't refer to 'piece of clothing' either. They would say 'that shirt/jeans/t-shirt/tank top/dress/coat/...' It's a strained, forced translation by that metric either way, so both should be allowed.


My comment was informational, so non-native English speakers would understand it's technically correct but not used by everyday retail consumers. I did not say it should not be accepted.


想要 is would like or want? MAKE UP YOUR GODDAM MIND.


想要 is translated by Duo sometimes as "wants" and other times as "needs." Then it marks the other one wrong. Please be consistent.



Is it me or is this redundant? Would like want/need?


See also the post by Wulfgeri in this thread, and this link: https://www.chineseboost.com/grammar/xiang3-yao4-xiang3yao4-difference/


I'm not sure about that, but 衣服 usually means a shirt, right?

item/piece of clothing sounds very vague to me


my friend would like to buy that piece of clothing


"xiang yao" would more appropriately be translated as "would like" than "wants" (yao)


it doesn't sound natural


"piece of clothing" is not used in American English. It should be "that shirt/that sweater" etc.; ie. naming the article of clothing.


"My friend wants to buy that piece of clothing" - Lol another hypocrisy there!

Why not "clothes" but "piece of clothing"?


Can the clothing be plural?


A piece of clothing,,,a piece of clothes,,, so strange way to say.


No one in Canada would say 'piece of clothing' at a store, but would say, e.g., "Do you have this item in blue?"


If you choose to look at the pop-up balloon the two characters together (那件) translate as 'that' or 'the' and the last character alone is 'piece'. As a result the accepted translation would be '有点儿' wrong.


shouldnt it be "friends" ?


Pourquoi on ne peut pas dire "na jian 的 yifu" ??


I made a spelling mistake... and it took away a heart... are you KIDDING ME?!


The correct "measure word" in English for clothing is an article. Please accept an article of clothing.


Isn't 衣服 = 'shirt' quite common?


"My friend wants to buy those clothes"

Should be accepted; reported.


I think you might be confusing 那件 nà jiàn; (that piece - a single item) with 那些 nàxiē; (those - multiple items)

[deactivated user]

    ✀ Get out the Scissors! Because a 'piece' of clothing to me means you cut off a piece of it. Who even says that?

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