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"Long time no see! How are you doing?"


November 20, 2017



Needs ni before zenme yang? Why?


Exactly. The previous exercise it was not required for the same expression


好久不见,你好吗 should be accepted


it should be! even the hint if you hover over it shows ni hao ma. but then you type it and it marks it wrong :(


The thing is, although it is a correct answer, they want you to practice other expressions as well.

Imagine if you only had memorized one expression, but when a native come to talk to you they use some other you didn't practice?


Again, gloss-over no help in finding right answer.


There is no consistency in the questions throughout the levels of this group. The previous question wanted 最近怎么样 instead of 你怎么样.


Why not Ni Hao? Confused about the"right answer" here


你好:hello 你好嗎: you good?/how are you


That means "hello"


no, 你好 is hello, 你好吗 means how are you.


你好 is what Stevie-cakes asked about. Roman2095 said "That means hello". So yes, not no.


you need add ni hao ma to signify it's a question.


You don't need "你” before "怎么样“ but alright


Zen me 怎么 = how

Yang 样 = appearance

Zen me yang 怎么样 = appears how


I think there's a disparity for those using a Chinese keyboard, wherein you can type whatever characters you want. Without a Chinese keyboard enabled, you have to choose from a given set of characters on the screen. In this instance, 'ni hao ma' is not an option, but 'ni zemme yang' is an option. So, maybe the system is looking for that answer exclusively. I don't know why the answer would or wouldn't be an accepted translation, I just mean that's a possible identification of the problem.


My answer wasn't accepted even though it was the exact same as the correct one? I even got the spacing between the question mark and exclamation point right...


Next time copy your sentence and paste it here, so we can take a look.

(If you put any spaces at all in [or between] your Chinese sentences your answer will be marked wrong, and if you use Western-encoded punctuation instead of Chinese punctuation it will also be marked wrong.)


I had the same problem, my answer copy paste: “好久不见! 你怎么样?”


Thanks for copying and pasting. Your problem is that you added a space between the sentences.

  • 好久不见! 你怎么样?——> your answer
  • 好久不见!你怎么样?——> the correct answer

Chinese doesn't use spaces, so Duolingo doesn't allow them.


ah wow. that is interesting. thanks for the enlightenment. also kudos to @DuoLingo for thinking of that level of detail.


好久不见!你怎么样?correct answer 好久不见! 你怎么样 my answer that was not accepted It seems that one has to isolate punctuation by exactly one space.


Well, Duolingo won't accept any spaces at all.

Your issue is twofold.

One problem is that you used Western-encoded punctuation instead of Chinese-encoded punctuation, which Duolingo also doesn't accept. You'll probably have to change your keyboard settings (i.e. your IME settings).

The other problem is that you put a space after the exclamation mark.

If you change to Chinese-style punctuation, the correct spacing will already be part of the space taken by the punctuation marks.




The inconsistency here is driving me nuts. In one question, I was expected to include 最近, in this one, I was expected to omit it. Why, just why?


I was pracricing this sentence then suddenly i realized I am repeating : hao jiu no jian; hao jiu no jian


Is the 好 needed, or would 好久不见 also be okay?


「很久不見,你怎樣」not accepted as a correct answer despite being correct, just putting this here for the record.


好久不见了! 你好吗?should also be an accepted answer. This is the way I learned in China, it sounds weird without it.


I found this one is weird because the other sentences were okay without any ! ? ' , . but in this case you must put !, ? and space in the exact place


Without exclamations it isnt accepted.


好久不见!你怎么样? is not accepted. Why? I stuck on this.


Probably Duolingo isn't accepting your Western-encoded punctuation, so you might try changing your Chinese IME settings to use Chinese-encoded punctuation.

Alternatively, is it possible that you used a space between the sentences?


Same with my problem


What kind of English is that? First I learned English and now I relearn it.


"Long time no see" is an idiomatic English phrase that is possibly a play on the Chinese, or at least on pidgin English of some sort.


Did the Chinese phrase come from the English or did they form separately?


The Chinese phrase presumably arose independently, and it doesn't break the normal rules of the language.

The origins of the English expression are a bit obscure. It may be a pidgin anglicization of the Mandarin expression or a similar expression in Cantonese, but it also may have been imitative of Native American pidgin English.

The English is so commonplace that seems normal nowadays, until you stop and notice how weird it is.


Cool! Thanks for the information!


Why does it need "你" before “怎么样”


I don't think it's strictly necessary, but you can add whoever you're inquiring about (as well as other clarifying elements) in front, e.g. "你妈妈最近怎么样?", and on the other hand you can also use "怎么样" on its own to prompt a response to a suggestion you've made or to an option being presented.


Should 很久没见 work? I think it's acceptable

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