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Getting fed up

I'm getting fed up with this course. I have lived in France for 14 years an while my French is not as good as it should be, I finding some of this quite silly. Some examples:-

Two or three times a test has frozen part way through. The latest was a perfect test which froze on the last question

The sounds which need to be repeated verbatim are sometimes unavailable, because they are still being uploaded from the cloud. This causes many failures,a and is particularly frustrating for me because the slow version of the words is almost always unavailable, and I am a little deaf and sometimes need that extra help.

There's the usual bad programming too. Answers are not visible against the background because they are a very, very light grey.

Some of the translation are picky, and bear no relation to real life. It would vastly improve the course if alternative English usages were offered alongside the model answer. For example "I'm walking" is always accepted in lieu of "Ia walk" (ipad would not let me correct Ia to I) bUt I am sure there are others. I have to for I must, I've got for I have, etc.

I sometimes get the feeling that I'm doing a spelling test and not improving my French. Smarten up please

November 20, 2017



I know where you are coming from because I have experienced some of these problems. Just stick with it for the topical vocabulary and basic expressions.


can you work on a computer? I think that the web version is easier to use.

If you are feeling like it is too simple for you, you can also test out of units so that you can skip ahead to find the ones that have material that you don't already know. the ones that you test out of will come up for review periodically, but you don't have to do all the individual lessons and exercises. i knew some French from school and tested out of some of the early units, and then for a while it was a bit of a slog getting through some of the basic stuff, but its worth sticking with it if you want to really consolidate your French.

Once you get through the basic lessons, then you get into the more challenging ones, so that takes some perserverence too! At some point I decided that I just had to have faith in the process and keep going, and now it continues to amaze me how much I have learnt even though there are still things that I struggle with. You are lucky that you are living in France as you have opportunities all around you to practice speaking and listening and will probably find it much easier than most of us to get through the course!

Duo has its faults, but overall it is a well thought out structured process for learning a language, and if you commit time and energy each day or as often as you can, you will see that you progress. And if you decide that Duo is not for you, there are a gazillion resources online for learning French.

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