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  5. "Hello! Long time no see!"

"Hello! Long time no see!"


November 20, 2017



This is idiomatic, it would be more helpful to make the hover-over hints select the whole phrase "Long time no see" and give the hint "好久不见". The status quo is incomplete, as there is nothing in the hints that shows "好".

Having whole-phrase-level hints is the way the more mature courses like German do it, and I think it leads to a superior learning experience. Can someone fix this soon? Thanks!


好has several meanings, it means good basically, but here it is a interjection, 好久 means “too long” or ‘how long it is that...’ 好just means ‘’too‘’ here, for example ‘她好漂亮啊’ means ‘she is too beautiful!’


If you're using a chinese keyboard to type in you answers and they keep getting rejected even though they are correct, it's likely that your keyboard uses western encoding for your punctuation. You may need a new keyboard.

For those of you using the pinyin Samsung keyboard, if you use the punctuation in the autocomplete bar, the answers are accepted.


What is the difference between 好久不见 and 好久不见了?


你好!好久不见!also my answer but rejected!!!!


你好!好久不见!correct answer 你好 ! 好久不见 ! my answer that was not accepted In other posts I have read discussions about spacing before and after punctuation. I think we have to focus now on the size of the punctuation marks.


I accidentally pressed submit after only typing 你好 and it was accepted...


Is there any chance of we become able to select the traditional Chinese in the future?


I think it's about spacing between the words

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