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"In the morning, the window is closed."

Translation:Ráno je to okno zavřené.

November 20, 2017



Hello, please correct me, but what's wrong with the "Okno je zavřené ráno" ?


It's just the word order. Czech would say either "(To) Okno je ráno zavřené" or "Ráno je (to) okno zavřené".


And ráno to okno je zavřené. What's the difference in meaning with your second sentence?


This changes the focus too much. In the English sentence we clearly start with the morning, we say what happens in the morning. Your Czech sentence, on the other hand, says when the window is closed. It says it is closed in the morning(, and not in the evening).


Hi, I had this one: "To okno je v ránu zavřené." but it was wrong and the corrected sentence is: "To okno po ránu zavřené je."

So I can't use 'v ránu' in this context?


This time I had: V ránu, okno je zavřené. But the correct answer is: Z rána okno je zavřené.


Would this morning be tohle ráno?


Yes. I could imagine it as a looser translation of just ráno in some sentences, but here it makes a difference to me.

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