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  5. "함께 등산합시다."

"함께 등산합시다."

Translation:Let's climb a mountain together.

November 20, 2017



so, 등산합시다 means both lets hike and lets climb but in many questions duolingo only accepts one of the two meaning.... which one is right?

to climb or to hike or both?


Both seem correct, but in the sense of climbing a mountain, not climbing up the stairs. And I'm pretty sure there is another word for actual rock climbing.

Long story short, flag it if you think some translation is missing.


actual rock climbing : 등반. 암벽을 등반하다. : climb the rock (in mountain)



Can someone help me understand this word:

등산합시다 - Let's climb a mountain

  • 산 - Mountain
  • ㅂ시다 - Let's

Can someone help me understand if:

  • 등 and 하 make it "Climb"?

  • Google translate: Climb a mountain - 산을 오르다

  • So is 오르 - Climb?

Thanks :-)


I can't really help you, but I cant tell you this: Never use Google Translate!


등 is climd and 하 using if noun has batchim


Nope. 오르 is used to indicates direction, towards. Example 집오르 가다 = go to (towards) the house. Hope this helps.


That would be 으로, not 오르

오르다 does mean "to climb", but in a more general sense. Like climbing a ladder, stairs, ... Could also be a mountain but there is a more fitted word specifically for this purpose.

등산 means "hike" or "mountain climbing", then you add 하다 which is "to do" -> 등산하다, literally "to do hiking" or "to do mountain climbing". Then you conjugate it to the propositive: 등산하다 -> 등산하 -> 등산합시다


so in other questions for 등산 "climb" is accepted, but here only "hike" ist the right answer?


hike is 등산, yes!


The 산 in 등산 comes from the Chinese word for "mountain"; I feel like 등산하다 is more about climbing mountains than hiking trails.


Whoa, that's too much, dinner and museum? Fine, but a mountain? I'm not ready to do something so risk with you


I typed "let's go trekking together" and i am wrong.


I said let's climb this mountain together. It is wrong? Can someone please explain why?


"This" is not correct, its just "a" mountain, no location specified :)


Because 등산하다 is a verb even if 산 is part of it. Since 산 is not used as a noun here, it wouldn't be translated that way.


I said "let's climb up a mountain together" How is it wrong? Wouldn't climb up be just as correct as climb?




This answer "Let's climb a mountain together." should be wrong. The appended "together" is redundant in that "Let's" already conveys doing it together. Also, the Korean sentence doesn't say 우리 함께, only 함께.


I wrote "Let's climb mountain together." but it said I should write "Let's climb mountains together." instead. I think 등산 refers to the activity itself which is climbing/hiking but whether it is to climb a mountain or mountains depends on the context?


In common use nationally in Korwa this verb means "to hike", not rock climbing or Mountaineering. Most Americans use the word "climb" to mean rock climbing or mountaineering, so the better translation for Americans would be "hike" only. I struggle to correct this when I was teaching Koreans for many years, but they still use the word "climb" when clearly it should be "hike." My guess is that the program is double translated from English to Korean and then Korean back to English, so we have some of these leftover bad translations that Koreans use.


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What's the difference between "~십시오" and "~합시다"?


-십시오 is the imperative form, it's an order / request: "Please do something"

-ㅂ시다 is the propositive form, it's a propositon / invitation: "Let's do something"


Since 등산하다 is a noun-verb, 등산 means mountain climbing. So, 등산하다 literally means "to do mountain climbing".

In English, we can say "Let's do (or go) mountain climbing (or mountaineering)".

So, imo, "Let's do mountain climbing together" should be accepted for this question. Idk if it's already accepted but I'm too doubtful to type that in. Even the hints offer no clues.


I don't know anyone who would say, "Let's do mountain climbing (or mountaineering)."


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