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  5. "What country is she from?"

"What country is she from?"


November 20, 2017



哪 - where? (lit. She's where citizen?)


Actually, Mandarin doesn't have a question word for where. 哪 means which.

However, you can combine 哪 with other words to get new question words:

哪一个 / 哪个 which one

哪国 which country

哪里 / 哪儿 which place (where)


It's more like "She is where-country person"


This is confusing


To me is's more like "What's your nationality" [You are what country person?]


I struggled with this exercise. The drop down hints suggested different words.


It seems a lot less like it's "what country is she from" and more like "what is her Nationality?"


China is very homogenous and racially driven, because of this the concept of nationality is very much tied to race and the country of origin. If you ever immigrate to china, it is unlikely most people would acknowledge you as "Chinese" nationality, even if you live there for 50 years and undergo naturalization. In their eyes you will forever be a Loawai.


Laowai... Emigrate


She's a person of which country?


I got it right (using the word bank) and am happy with that translation but I would more naturally have written 她是从哪国来的?

I’d love to know if that would have been right too.


Could you give a character by character translation for that? A lot of people write stuff in the comments, but I have no idea what it means because I don't recognise the characters.


Only because you asked:

她 (she) 是 (is) 从 (from) 哪(which)国(country)来(come)的(of)

But it’s not very helpful word for word. The sentence is made up of constructions (a couple of characters that work together in the sentence to make sense).


I'm not sure if it would be acceptable, but I do know that if it were, you wouldn't need 是 because you have 来 already.


How come we can ask tgis question without using 吗 but that we must add the character when asking about a group?


As far as I understand, 吗 can only be used in a yes/no question.


As soon as you have an interrogative word (which = 哪, who = 谁, what = 什么, how = 怎么样 ...) you drop the 吗. 吗 is only used to distinguish questions without interrogative words from normal sentences. In English, the words change their positions in the sentence:
Mum is well. - Is Mum well?
In Chinese, you have the 吗 for that:
妈妈好。-- 妈妈好吗?

But as soon as you have an interrogative word, the 吗 is dropped:
How is Mum? - 妈妈怎么样?


I was wrong. Only yes or no questions use 吗, because we use 哪 or where then we don't need 吗


you find that there are many many ways of asking a question in chinese without using ma, once you learn the proper grammar..sofar i have not seen any explination on this site that explains how to use grammar


Why is na added before ni shi but after ta shi? Thank you


why I can't write: 她是哪國人嗎?


You don’t need 吗 when you already have 哪.

And because 吗 is only for a yes/no question. (“Which country is she from?” can’t be answered with just “yes” 是 or “no” 不是).


Would 她是国人哪 be wrong?


Yes. 哪 means "which" and is only really ever used to modify something. Think of 哪国 as one block, meaning "which country". You're not literally asking "where" she is from, you're asking what "-ese" she is, if that makes any sense. (Chinese? Japanese? Vietnamese? Burmese? ...She's a person from what country/哪国?)


I think this is also wrong


i wrote 她是那国人 but was marked wrong. i can not find the error


Easy mistake to make: You used 那 when you wanted 哪。

(I’m guessing it’s just an oversight - forgetting to include the square on the character - but in case it helps someone: 那 nà means ‘there’, a statement, whereas 哪 nǎ means ‘where’, a question.

I.e. 她是哪国人=she is what nationality? ; 她是那国人=she is that nationality.)


More accurately, 那 = that, 哪 = which.


And ma? It is necessary here or not?


Using 嗎 would be wrong here, because it's not a yes-or-no question.


「她來自哪國?」was rejected. Should it have been?


Answered 「她是從哪兒來的」. Still got it wrong. I even tried to add the unnecesary「兒」to the sentence just to try to make it seem right in duolingo's eyes but it didn't work. lol


I'm not agree with you answer. In Chinese language the character 吗 means yes/no question. Becouse the character ? is not required.


I typed 他 instead of 她


Ok. It seems someone may have had an explanation as to why 吗 is not required here to make it a question, but WilliamNoT2 disagreed and the explanation was deleted. :( Could someone elucidate on when to (and not) use 吗 at the end of a question?


ma indicates a yes/no question. Which country is she from? is not yes/no. Instead the sentence already has a question indicator in it. In this case 哪 which?


In the previous lesson this was the right answer 她是来自哪里 but now it isn´t ¬¬ ... great...just great


It's infuriating


I don't get it at all I am not learning anything


My advice is to look at other resources. Duolingo is great, but it really only will get you so far. If you don't quite get it the way they are teaching, try other sources as well as this.


The best source that I found helpful is "HelloChinese". Install this app and enjoy learning Chinese (Mandarin)


download hellochinese app. It is far better than Duo. I like Duo to use its spaced repetition system


Duolingo is better for learning characters

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