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  5. "我今天生病了。"


Translation:I am sick today.

November 20, 2017



it is kind of unnatural to me to say became sick. I think 'i got sick' is common, but it sounds like US english to me. In britain I think we would just say 'I am ill today,’ even if it doesn't emphasise 'became.'


And thought this was a Chinese course not an English one


'I fell ill today' should be acceptable.


"I am sick today" should also be correct


A native English speaker would say "I got sick today." "Became" sounds very stilted


I am not sure how to translate this exactly because I always use "today I am sick" became sick is definitely not natural.


了 is here to show completion - "getting sick" has been completed even tho you are still ill. In English we don't think of it like that for today, but we're not just learning one phrase here. Change it to yesterday or last week and "became / got sick" makes more sense.


I thought it was too show a change of state? I'm sick, opposed to yesterday when I wasn't sick. That's what's explained in the intro too.


Maybe the translation for 生 should be "got" rather than "give birth to/become."

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I was fooled by the final 了to say "I was sick today." But now I want to know how "I was sick today" would differ from this sentence.


Those two ideas are not necessarily distinct in Chinese. But to emphasize a "past tense" here, I would add words to show the passage of time, such as 整天 (all day), 今天早上 (early this morning)…


"Today I became sick" is incorrect?


It's fine they just haven't added it yet.


I have noticed that most of the Chinese questions expect the time word at the very end of the sentence.


I have the Impression that the Chinese pronunciation should be a little bit more clear in a course for learners ... - I have the Impression that the speaker try to speak "very realistic", but this is not helpful for persons who try to learn. A bit slower and clearer would be helpful. The "了" in this example is nearly not to recognize. Even if a lot of people in real life speak like that, I would like that for teaching the pronunciation is "classical". Thank you for improoving that.



If it's too stilted (which appears to be what you're looking for), then you won't understand real people, so it'd be a little pointless. That said, Duo's pronunciation is like what you're looking for - it doesn't really sound like real people.


I got ill today. Isn't right?


Don't worry about how to say something in English if you are speaking to a Chinese speaking person use Chinese


I am feeling sick today would also work because the word "felling" was a word that you could choose


i became sick is very awkward usage.


Chinese adopts a kind of logic: (I + now + day + get + sick + already), but there is no reason that the other language does the same.


"I got sick" or "I feel ill" feel more natural to me.


I said this, and was marked wrong, told it should be 'I got sick today."


Why writting here 今天我生病了 is wrong?


Is it liao or le?


I'm not feeling well today wasn't accepted. Christ, I'm a native speaker of English. That means the same thing! Did you not run this by actual native speakers at some point?

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