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The pronunciation of *Ei*

I used to have trouble with my spelling. I kept on mixing up the 'ei' with 'ie' and vice versa. I kept on doing this untill one day as I was studying or something I can't remember quite the circumstances I stumbled upon the pronunciation of 'Ei'. I want to encourage people to get acustomed to the pronunciation of 'ei' and 'ie' since this has stopped me getting alot of spelling errors. 'Ei' is pronounced with what in English would be 'i'. The eisiest example of this is the Egg 'Ei'.

grüße liebe


November 20, 2017



Just remember, when two vowels go walking, the second one does the talking!

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ei is pronounced i and ie is pronounced e. So if you know how to pronounce the word the second letter is the sound you hear. And those are long i's and e's.


This is correct for 'ei' and 'ie', but be careful with other diphtongs. In case of 'eu' for example this hint does not work. ;-)


you mean "liebe Grüße" xD

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