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Slower speech function has stopped working...

Suddenly, the last couple of nights the function to make the speech of some sentences slower has stopped working.

It is the little tortoise icon and I have tried it on several different sentences but nothing happens.

The normal speed speech still works.

I use duolingo everyday and sometimes the changes and glitches seem to hold me back. It's frustrating.

Does anyone know what the issue is with this?


November 20, 2017



Please, sent a bug report to Duolingo's staff

The last four days, there were at least 40 other users, who reported the same problem in the forums.


For the past week, I've been having the same problem. When listening to the normal speech, especially with the female voice, it's sometimes hard for me to understand, and I get it wrong. E.g., today I encountered the sentence "Ils portent du pain"; what I heard was, "Ils pensent du pain" (doesn't make much sense unless they're starving). Being able occasionally to access slower speech has been really helpful in such cases.


Yeah, I've been experiencing this too... I mean, at first I just thought it would be nice to practice my listening skills, but then I realized how bad some Duolingo pronunciation really is. I already knew that it wasn't the best, but I don't know... It pronounces the vowels at the end of sentences when you're not supposed to (I don't know if they mess up this one, but they might say "fille" like "fi-le" or something wrong)... It just messes me up and holds me back.


i have this issue too, hope they fix this

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