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"Bis wohin geht deine Professorin?"

March 15, 2013



This sentence made no sense to me. I thought it was maybe "what is your professor up to?"


According to the hints "Bis" can mean "To" so I thought it meant "to where is your professor going" which is bad English so I left out the "to". A suggested answer is "Till where is your professor going"which is just nonsense


Did you report the nonsense answer? Discussions are not indended for reports, you know.


Yes I reported it. I've seen this question three or four times now, on one occasion I got it right because I remembered just how stupid it was and I filled out another report.

I posted something here in the hope that someone would come and say that the sentence made sense in German and translates as ... because both of the suggested answers are nonsense, the other one being "Upto where does your professor go?" which I can at least make sense of despite it not being (to the best of my knowledge) grammatically correct.


When should we use "bis wohin" instead of just "wohin"?


This is one of the worst sentences yet on Duolingo, it simply makes no sense in English, and I'm not sure how much sense it makes in German either.

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