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Will Typing 'R' Mark the Answer as Correct for Others? [Tiny Cards Quick Questions]

Hi, French Byte

I have a quick question --- in Tiny Cards, if you get the wrong answer and hit R, will it mark your answer as correct for everyone else? So, if you get a wrong translation and hit R, the translation will always be accepted?

I'm wondering if this is true and if I can undo it. Also, is R only accessible in your own decks? If so, the answer to this question could be yes.

Please let me know!

November 20, 2017



I'm assuming it's a shortcut for "My answer was correct" in which you probably made a mistake that should have been accepted by the deck (i.e. capitalization error, punctuation, etc). The same feature is present on the mobile app.


So, you made a typo? Everyone has access to the feature, and it doesn't save anything? Oh, OK. I get it now.

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