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Chinese: Other Dialects

Does anyone know if there will be a Toi Shan or Cantonese Duolingo? These languages are losing popularity, and I think they should not become obsolete just because China is forcing everyone to learn Mandarin. Of course, thank you to the people who finally released the Mandarin course for Chinese.

November 20, 2017



Cantonese is not a dialect of Mandarin, Cantonese is its own language. Communist call it a dialect that's pure propaganda to kill a culture and language.

sorry if that comes off as political but Cantonese is its own language, as language learners we should respect that and not repeat the communist propaganda.


He didn't say that Cantonese was a dialect of Mandarin. Cantonese and Toi Shan are dialects of Chinese, just as Mandarin is a dialect. I am a Cantonese speaker.


Duolingo doesn't have plans to release other Chinese dialects in the future, unfortunately.


Doesn't /currently/ have. There are some issues of course adding languages that don't have a 100% agreed-to written form, but Guaraní (Jopará) doesn't, either, and yet it's here.

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