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"Do you prefer green or yellow?"

Translation:Máš raději zelenou nebo žlutou?

November 20, 2017



Maybe you should read it like this: Máš raději zelenou (barvu) nebo žlutou (barvu). Now the Feminine Accusative form makes sense. Am i right?


I am confused. Why would it change to the Feminine Accusative form? Is "raději" feminine? I also typed "Máš raději zelený nebo žlutý" and it changed it to "zeleň" and "žlut'" sooo I am all sorts of confused.


Colors (alone) are feminine, thus "zelená, žlutá etc."

Variants "zeleň", "žlut'" etc. are used almost exclusively in art / industry, not in everyday life. Duolingo suggests them because it considers them closer to your "zelený nebo žlutý" than "zelenou nebo žlutou".


raději is an adverb, it has only one form and no genders.


Why the ou ending, when do we use that and why? Like zelenou


It's the feminine accusative singular ending. As to why we use feminine here, see Henk's correct assumption or JanLyko's answer above.


Can I ask, why "raději"? Is this a second person form? Thanks.


raději is an adverb, it does not have persons. See the previous discussion.


Thanks, but that does not explain why not rad (sorry not sure what the code is for the accent on the a on this keyboard)


raději is comparative (more glad, I like it more, I prefer).


Why not ma raději zelenou nebo žlutou?


Má is the third person.


Ma means your referring to another person that you are not talking to. Like if i asked you if VladaFu prefered the color green or yellow and I did not say his name, i would say má raději zelenou nebo žlutou

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I think this is the first time in course I run into "mít raději" and it would be great to have it in the Tips. Also, a sentence to state that colors (alone) are feminine, maybe having the feminine form in the table would highlight that. In other words, I would like to have everything I need in the Tips instead of reading many discussions like this one. Thank you


Not everything can fit into the Tips, the space restrictions are very tight. Duolingo primarily endorses learning through seeing examples rather than studying lecture notes. In Czech that is difficult because the grammar is complex, but to a certain extent it should still be present.


Could it be "Raději máš zelenou nebo žlutou?"?


Let's say it's marginally acceptable - not wrong, just uncommon. It's generally better to begin such questions with the verb.


Ok - I'm a little confused then.

One of the other sentences in the topic is "Raději mám červená jablka" which felt slightly odd to me.

But when queried by someone else ... "Why is it 'radeji mam' instead of 'mam radeji' like in every other example?" The MOD's response was "You can use either word order. Though when JÁ is skipped, I would personally use the above syntax."

Is there a difference I'm missing?


That one was a declarative sentence, not a question. I also answered a similar question in the other direction.

Still, "Mám raději červená jablka." is the neutral order.

For the question discussed here remember that questions have their own word order rules and conventions.


Thank you. Confusion cleared up. That was the difference I was missing!

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