I got a job thanks to Duolingo!

I have been working as a waiter for 6 years (as a part-time worker) at the same restaurant. It is a restaurant located in the high class of Santiago, the city where I live. It is an expensive restaurant, so if you go there, you must not spend just a couple of dollars. Well, the thing is that I couldn't speak English very well during these 6 years; because I got very nervous at the moment to speak, I forgot words, I didn't know big numbers (In Chile you have to use big numbers with price: 1 dollar = 560 Chilean pesos aprox.), and I didn't know the name of some dishes, and it was much more difficult for me to pronounce them.

I have been on Duolingo since September 2013 and I started to practice, practice, practice and practice... and I told my boss I could say big numbers and the names of all the dishes at the restaurant. She said I had to prove myself, so I worked for 1 night with foreign people, speaking only in English, and the customers had to have an opinion about the attention, which involves fluency in English, of course, and the boss said that customers were so happy with my attention and my English is absolutely fluent.

So what happened? Tonight I'll start working in a restaurant where 80% of the restaurant goers speak English only, which means conversations mostly in English and much more money. Ah! And my boss said I will earn almost twice than I used to earn and I will work full-time, which also means to have a contract (finally!).

During all this time I have been practicing only on Duolingo and with a couple of friend (to improve speaking and listening skills). So what can I say? Just thank you, Duolingo. Because of you, I feel better as a person and which is quite important, I will make more money.

And thank you all guys, the 90% of the time I use Duolingo in English, and all of you write mainly in English, so that has been very very useful.

Many thanks, seriously! :)

April 7, 2014


Thanks for sharing this with all of us! Congrats on your new position (that's awesome) and on accomplishing so much!

April 7, 2014

This was so awesome to read!! xD Thank you for sharing and congratulations! Alt text

how did you do that?

Congratulations, this really motivates to keep studying. Btw, I love how we mix languages in the posts hehe it's hilarious.

You're right. His story was really really motivating!

why do people take so many courses

You should try learning another sometime. Some European languages have their similarities so for me it's not challenging to learn French and Spanish at the same time. But I would wait until you've got the hang of Spanish before moving on to the next one. :))

What do you mean by a hang of it? 50% fluency?I am interested in learning another language after french but am not sure when to start.

For example, I already know spanish, but have to practice sometimes or over time it will fade some and need to keep language skills sharp. If you don't use it, you lose it! Then Portuguese already know a lot before I started on duolingo as well, but still have more to go. But wanted to start a new language and so picked italian because the three of those languages are very similar. That's why I do. Plus languages are so much fun to learn, why not learn as many as you can as long as you can separate them well enough from each other while learning them at the same time. Another reason might be for some, they are going to europe to backpack around several different countries so knowing multiple languages could be very useful (or south america to brazil and and argentina, or any place where multiple languages are used near each other). Or even just to Switzerland where they speak italian in the south, french in the west, and german in the north. Maybe someone is trying to get a job in international business. There's lots of possibilities but one can never learn too much!

If you don't use it, you lose it!

My experience is that if one has reached ~ 100% fluency, CEFR C1, or CEFR C2, then it will never be lost.

English is my first L2 (non native) language, and my L1 (native) language is Danish.

About CEFR:

CEFR is an abbreviation for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment

i think they take many courses to learn many languages

Congratulations! Another inspiring, DuoLingo success story. I was going to suggest you change your profile pic to another team that doesn't dish out so much pain to its fans. But it didn't seem to have prevented your good luck (and hard work, of course).

"I was going to suggest you change your profile pic to another team that doesn't dish out so much pain to its fans."

Hahaha. Besides that, I like your comment. I know we will probably not make it to the Playoffs, but oh well... that's life.

Thanks :)

As an Ottawa Senators fan, watching the Leafs the season couldn't have been more enjoyable.. ;)

Congratulations BTW!

As a Montreal fan, both your seasons amused me. ;-)

My brother and I are Montreal fans same !!! it is to bad about cerry you know and all..

Yes. Thank you for not saying "ice hockey"....have some lingots.

Sweet! Thanks! I don't even think of any other hockey! I used to work as an usher for the austin ice bats games! That was the sweetest job ever! all i did was check peoples tickets for the close, expensive sections for the first five minutes and then got paid $25 cash after getting to watch the entire game in the expensive seats!! I don't follow any sports but if i were to follow a sport, it would be hockey, love it!

Those were some super fun times back in the day watching those hockey games!!!!

I've never really looked around too much, but you can probably pick up some playoff games (starting very soon) on CBC website for free. They also broadcast in Punjabi (really cool) and French (Radio-canada) if you can track those down. At the very least, you should be able to find a radio broadcast from them.

As for "ice hockey"... When translating, or reading translations in the immersion section, it seems like the majority of people that aren't from the northern U.S. or from Canada like to call it "ice hockey". It's like nails on a blackboard for me. To me, "ice hockey" is just "hockey" as it is the "parent" form (so to speak), and all other forms of hockey get the add-ons (sledge hockey, field hockey, ball hockey, roller hockey...).


Ice hockey is what we would find in dictionaries and see if a game were advertised. 'Hockey' is a grim battle of physical assault on each other's shins played on grass, imposed on girls at secondary school.


Just expressing an opinion.

"I don't follow any sports but if i were to follow a sport, it would be hockey, love it!"

I loved that! :-D

Completamente de acuerdo Hohonems!!!

I've never even really thought of any other hockey lol, just hockey to me and it happens to be played on ice! And I am definitely not from the north, too cold up there for me! Snows enough here in the mountains in New Mexico, of course moving back to texas which feels like hell on earth it's soooo hot and humid, I'm literally going to die of heat this summer, at least gonna have one heat stroke, ugghhh not looking forward to spending summer in tx! Need to figure out where the ice bats play now and get a job sitting over the ice again!!

So i just went to the definition the link provided and apparently field hockey preceded hockey in canada in the 19th century, would have never known! I don't think I've ever seen another kind of game than just hockey that happens to be played on ice! I guess I'm sheltered!

@Carlos Santana jk jk, But CLARO!!! No es un otro deporte donde los jugadores comienzan peleos durante la media de un partido! Es maravilloso!!!! Y Que BACAN Y GENIAL!!! :-)

@Hohenems: I'm pretty sure the online streams are being taken down next year with the Rogers deal.. :(

That said, you can find tons of reading about hockey in French because of Québec, and Russian because of the KHL. I'm fluent in the French already but it's been very helpful with Russian.

That is so awesome!! I just started using duoLingo, and I'm trying to learn Spanish. Your story is very motivating - good to hear that using the site really can go a long way helping a person learn new language skills. Congrats on your new job!

lindseymarina! OMG I tried sooooo hard to post on your discussion that you started about conjugating verbs in spanish. I wrote out a really long comment for you i think 3 times last night because I have lots of experience and such with spanish verb conjugations and been doing forever, in different manners, but every single time i tried to post my internet cut out and the comments disappeared! I got way too frustrated and had to quit trying. I'll try again soon! Lo siento!

Congratulations!! It is always nice to see that someone is getting good returns on their hard work; I can tell from your post that you definitely have been working hard on your English! This is such an amazing story to read and truly inspirational. Again, congratulations and good luck on the new job.

Your writing, grammar style are wonderful, I must say :)

Que buena :) ¿Hay lugares que tienen secciones sólo para extranjeros o te refieres a qué te tienen exclusivamente para atenderlos? Si es la primera, no tenía idea que eso existia acá (también soy de santiago)

¡Cierto! Me confundí. Me tienen exclusivamente para atenderlos a ellos, ya que por lo menos el 80% de las personas son extranjeras y/o con mucha plata! La verdad es que tampoco conozco un lugar con secciones para extranjeros. Perdón por expresarme mal.

Ah! That makes more sense too. Why don't you edit this line in your post to clarify? "So what happened? Tonight I will start working in the "foreigners section", which means conversations only in English and of course, that means much more money." You can say: "Tonight I'll start working in a restaurant where 80% of the restaurant goers speak English only, which means conversations mostly in English and much more money." Just an edit suggestion :)

Thanks a lot. I didn't know how to explain that. Sorry about my English, I'm still learning.

Escribes muy bien en inglés, Carl0s_ :)

Muchas gracias, kristinemc. Intento hacer lo mejor posible :)

Necesito buscar para un restaurante en tx donde personas ricas van para comer! Ellos siempre dan mucho dinero para propinas no son como las personas quienes come a Sonic. Son tocanos, pero excepto los trabajadores de construccion mexicanos, especialmente porque yo los doy mas atencion a ellos porque me gusta hablar con ellos en espanol y a ellos les gusta que yo puedo hablarles en espanol y luego, ellos siempre me dan mucho dinero para propinas! Y siempre ellos son muy agradables! Creo que estes mexicanos van a Sonic para mirar yo y las otras mujeres bonitas que patinan a los coches todo el dia en pantalones cortos que son muy cortos a veces jaja, pero esta bien para mi. consiguen dandonos buenas propinas!

Llevo cinco años en Chile y tampoco he visto un lugar así, aunque en Barrio Lastarria haya algunos restaurantes con hartos extranjeros (i.e. Patagonia)

yo iba a decirte tu espanol es muy bueno hasta lei la ultima linea que tu eres de chile, ahhhh espanol es tu lenguaje nativa! Claro!

Great story! Be proud of yourself and it shows that if anyone wants something hard enough they can get it through working hard at it! Congratulations!

Congratulations from Toronto, home of the Maple Leafs

Congratulations! And thank you. Now I feel more motivated to learn a new language, as it could be useful in the future. Also, you speak English very well. Keep up the good work!

dude, all the best :) I have just started my duolingo study and I absolutely love it, too. your story made me want to do it more and more often. To be constant. Come here every day. Always push for better results. Redo all my classes to finish with all three or four hearts given at the beginning. Keep Up Boy, Never Give UP!!!

WOW juraj5! You are highly ambitious trying to get all 3 or 4 hearts at the ends of your lesson! Good for you! I bet you learn everything really well that way! Keep it up!!!

Ganas muchas propinas en tu restaurante donde tu trabajas? Me encantan propinas, pero yo no gano muchas porque no se como ser una mesera, pero solamente yo se como patinar la comida rapida a los coches en el estacionamiento del Sonic, ugh! Me odio comida rapida, especialiment la comida de Sonic, pero tengo doce annnnos (Prestame, pero no queria decir el parte del cuerpo que esta atras y no tengo las claves de numeros para imprimir el tilde encima del ene) de experiencia como una patinando mesera y como una gerente del resraurante pero desfortunadament la compania no me paga bastante dinero, menos y menos cada annnno por mas trabajo de mi!

Buena suerte con tu nuevo trabajo excelente! Yo se que tu harre muy bien en este trabajo y tambien con tu conocimiento de ingles!!!

Casi se me olvido para decirte esto.... aproximadamente cincuenta por ciento de nuestros clientes no pueden hablar ingles, y usualmente yo estoy la unica que estoy trabajando quien puede hablar espanol a nuestros clientes que solamente hablan espanol y no mas dinero por este! No es razon! Yo podria obtener un trabajo contigo en tu restaurante elegante? Ahhhh que bueno tiene que ser!!

Claro! Ven a mi ciudad y trabajamos juntos! :D

oOOHHH me encantaria hacerlo!!! Queria ir a Chile con toda mi corazon! Pero Brasil tambien! Quizzas mi proximo viaje podria ir a Chile y Brazil!!! Nunca jamas haya estado ido a un pais donde se habla portugues, y yo tengo que visitar los dos de estes paises pronto!

Congratulations! :D By the way- if your speaking is as good as your writing, I'd say you are pretty awesome with the English language and your abilities rock! Kudos to you!

Just stumbled upon this. Congratulation on the results of your hard work. People like you who're making a difference in their lives with the power of multilingualism motivate us casual learners too!

Hope your job is going great.

you like the leafs?

Good job Carl0s!

Felicidades! I speak German, Spanish and French to varying degrees (and working on Portuguese now), but none quite as good as your English. Thanks for the inspiration!

So you speak german, spanish, and french i see! I know spanish like the back of my hand, and my portuguese is pretty good, just starting italian, but kind of, really interested in picking up some french (actually really dreading french, it sounds funny to me and the spelling and silent letter are way going to trip me up, but kinda need to learn all of these!) and german! Since you know at least some of what I already know and know what I need to start learning, could you give me some comparisons and positives and negatives bout french and german maybe compared to spanish and portuguese? How are they all compared as far as ease and difficulty, or anything else you could tell me that would help me out & maybe motivate me :-) Gracias Obrigada Grazie Merci ok all i know in german is "dunkel bierre" so i could order my dark beer with ease lol, was in germany with my sister that knew enough to get us around so i didn't bother learning more than my "dunkel bierre" while i was there, so guess you could start me off with how to say thank you in german!

Actually French, as English, has some German roots. Because the Francs, who gave their name to the language and the country, were a German tribe. So French is based on Latin with strong German influences. And since the English aristocracy spoke French for almost 400 years following the conquest of England by William the conquerer (of Normandy), English has had a lot of influence from French as well. So you may already know a lot of French and German words without knowing it ;-). Have a look at this discussion by PERCE_NEIGE.

Well, since you're a native English speaker, you're well positioned for French and German since English is their bastard child: English has lots in common with both, but they don't have too much in common with each other. Both do have fairly regular pronunciation/spelling patterns, though, unlike English, so don't be daunted. I found French to be easier to learn, but I picked it up after I'd already spent years studying German and Spanish. Since you've already studied the other Romance languages you'll probably find it fairly easy; German will seem very strange, but stick with it. I love German -- it's fun. Germans have a great sense of humor and it comes across in the language. Just don't get tripped up when you have a third gender to deal with (masc/fem/neuter) and articles that change depending on where they appear in the sentence -- that's probably the hardest thing.

Bonne chance, viel Glück und viel Spaß!

Oh, and it's Dunkel Bier, not Bierre. I think you're mixing it up with Italian birra or French bière. :)

Oh yes, it's just been a long time since I used it and was getting it mixed up with italian birra! But now that you've said that, it sounds right and natural to say dunkel bier like I remembered it all along. It's nice how things you used a lot in the past, even if they've slipped your mind for a while, come back to you so easily! Thank you both Bastou and Phenger for the information and confidence booster. I think I just might be able to get a grasp on those two languages after all, was feeling like they may be impossible for me, but not anymore. Although a neuter gender and especially changing articles sound new and tricky, also sound like it could be fun and not too overwhelmingly difficult. Thanks again guys!

Thank you is Danke.

OMG I soooo knew that, Danke shen! I could not remember it though! It's been a really long time since I was in Germany! I can't believe I couldn't remember that though! I knew that really well before! Oh well, I know it again and won't forget this time!

Danke shen!!

Danke sch(umlaut o)n. i knew it for some reason before i started studying, but only knew danke.

That's ö, so danke schön.

I never knew how to spell it, just how to say it lol

Congrats! Espero que hayas postulado a las becas Corfo. Si no ten ojo para el próximo año porque sin duda tienes habilidades natas para los idiomas Saludos de otra Santiaguina

Muchas gracias. La verdad es que sí postulé a las becas Corfo y la tomaré este año!! Empieza en julio creo, y tomaré un curso de 200 horas... con eso mejoraré mucho también. Que bueno leer gente de Santiago, ya que no hay mucha por aquí, y me sorprende cuando los/las veo.

Tómate un té o un café, que hace mucho frío ahora. Jaja. Saludos! :)

Pero te miden con el TOEIC, para que te den la beca tienes que tener algo así como 400-500 puntos (el puntaje máximo es de 990 aprox ) y por lo que veo tu nivel es mucho mayor que eso... saludos

Very good Carlos! After reading your story I will have more motivation to the learning English on Duolingo! Thanks!

you would just say "to learn english" not "to the learning english" just to help ya out a bit, pero el otro es perfecto!

Carlos, pero acabo de ver tus banderas de linguas y no vi una de inglaterra por ingles, como es esto? Solamente tu tienes espanol, frances, y italiano. Como tu aprendiste el ingles? No entiendo!

Lo aprendió al hacer las lecciones de frances y italiano, que se dan en ingles. Y por traducir artículos del español al ingles.

jaja no lei tu comentario correcto en la primera vez, oops! Pero entiendo ahorita, gracias!

Puedo traducir de espanol o portugues a veces a ingles, pero no creo que yo puedo traducir nada de italiano aun. Creo que necisito hacer mas niveles de italiano primero. He aprendido italiano por solamente dos dias. tengo que aprender mas italiano, y tambien tengo que comenzar aprender frances y aleman! yo se "dunkel bierre" en aleman jaja, y unas pocas mas palabras en frances, pero en alga manera, yo no aprendi como se dice cerveza en frances en tampoco veces que fui a paris. por algo razon, no tengo buena suerte nunca en paris. tengo mala suerta aquel! pero tengo que aprender frances para la proxima vez que regresare a paris, pero que no sera por mucho, mucho tiempo. Quiero ver todo del sur y central de america primero y luego quiero ir a un viaje a espana y portugal! no tengo planes ahora para ir a paris, pero quiero empezar una compania en el red para personas ricas que necesitan una persona para planear viajes a algo lugar en algunas lugares en todos de las americas, algunos paises en el oeste de europa y polanda tambien (claro desues aprendio polish (no se como se dice polish en espanol)), angola, mosambique, timor-leste, sao tome y principe, y para personas ricas que necesitan una guia en estes lugares y una transductora tambien! Y para pagamientos, estes clientes me pagaran con un gratis viaje incluyendo transportacion, una cama para las noches, y comida, y tal vez un poco mas dinero para cerveza, regalos, y otras necesidades! Es el mejor plan que yo haya tenido en mi vida! me encanta planear viajes y tambien conocer personas de otras paises para los clientes que quieren una mas real experiencia con nativos que dan permiso a mis clientes para quedarse en sus casas! Y quiero hacerlo para personas pobres, claro, pero solamente si podrian pagarme para viajar con ellos. Quizzas dare un discuento a estudiantes! Pero tengo siete mas lenguajes para aprender primero y tengo mucho para planear primero. Espero que comenzar esta compania en unos annnnos!

También lo aprendí con Duolingo en español. Ahora lo tengo en inglés, y en Duolingo en inglés, por supuesto, no está inglés para aprender.

Yeah! I will be rich thanks to Duo......... :-DD

Wow, you are rich in lingots too now !! :-O

Someone wants to hire me? I will try to make all the trees in every language on Duo (if they have a reverse tree for English speakers)

You are totally just rockin and rollin in all the languages huh? I need to be so ambitious! I've gotta start french (the most dreaded of all the languages on here for me) and german soon, although I just don't know how I'm going to even attempt to manage 5 trees! But got to!

I'm tired to work only one tree at once, it's a big problem with me, I can't focus long on the same thing. I need "playtime", to switch to another language is a "playtime" for me.

actually that would probably be better for me too, i'm all kindsa adhd and get soooo tired of same thing so fast, I can't even stand 16 week school semesters, i love fast track 8 week classes or short summer classes, it's hard to keep focus for long times!

you could help me start my travel company in a few years, I'll hire you to speak all your languages! We could go into business together and utilize our travel and language skills! And then I could totally get by with out learning french lol!! You could take all the clients that wanna go to france!

Good luck. It's cool to be an entrepreneur ^^, I'm trying to make my own firm, but we'll see if I find partners. I'm not very advanced in my learning (just began Duo less than a month ago), and I would need a lot of work to be the polyglot I would like to be, I'm realistic, but I'll achieve it one day ^^

To help you with French, there's no problem. A lot of users can help you here too (sometimes it's better to get several opinions)

Yeah, I'm gonna require a lot more studying and obtaining knowledge and practicing, but I'll get there! My bf is getting an HVAC degree in october and said he's take care of me for a while until I totally figure what I'm doing now. I'm at a complete turning point in my life and don't know what to do with it! But having travel business would be soooo ideal for me, like perfect for me! But that won't be for some time. Just going back to work at stupid sonic again! But hey that's better than what I got out here, been trying to find work out here for months and just can't find a job. Sent a text to my old general manager if she's hire me right away when i get back to atx next week and she responded "Well hell yeah" Wish it had been as easy as a simple text message out here, but no! But totally stoked i'm gonna be working and at least making a little cash and be back home with close friends and family, it's exciting!

And at least my old store at sonic will have someone to talk to all the mexicans that go up there again lol!

What is the Sonic firm? A local firm?

OOOHHHH LMFAO @ PERCE_NEIGE that is totally, by far the funniest thing I have heard in a while! It's so funny I gave you a lingot! I realize you're in France and thus have no idea what it is, but let me explain... It's an American fast food drive-in where cars park along the sides of the building and across the parking lot in front of menus where they push a button to order and we roller skate their nasty fast food (I'm vegan and NEVER eat there, but worked there for 12 years straight so I can pick the job back up super easily) to the windows of their cars and SOMETIMES they tip the carhops. Carhop=waitress on roller skates basically!. It's super easy and I know how to do everything there as I've worked for and for the majority of that time been a manager for 12 long years! Back to Sonic I go! But hey, it's a job! Idk even what position she's hiring me for, if she wants me to skate or manage or fountain or cook, my favorite position is working the drive thru, but this store is really old and was built before they started doing drive thrus so it doesn't have one. I was taught the word for drive through in spanish is manejamiento, so I guess un restaurante de comida rapida y es un manejamiento!

The fact that you're not a native english speaker and you spelled entrepreneur right is extremely impressive, doubt I could've done that, maybe if I really had thought about it first! Nice!

It may be because "entrepreneur" is indeed a French word ;-)

Bush said this once "The problem with the french is that they have no word for entrepreneur", and we were laughing so hard, because, it's like saying "The problem with Italian, is that they don't have a word for "pasta". X-D

THAT is the single funniest thing Bush ever said, ha !

OMG that is hilarious! you are just cracking me up today! Unfortunately I'm sure that's not the dumbest thing he's ever said, "Doopty Doo" I'm sooooo glad he is not in charge of our country any more, ugh and I had to deal with him the entire time he was governor of Texas, double whammy!

Of course I feel a little "Doopty Doo" now myself not even thinking about it being a french word, even though it totally resembles frenchie style! Where did you guys come up with this spelling???!!!! I know, I know romance language from Latin under Indo-European branch of language, but i swear spanish and portuguese are soooo easy to spell!!!

Thanks for the link, that was really interesting and lots of preneurs and I don't think I've ever even heard any of those except of course entrepreneur which I'm totally going to think "undertaker" every time i see or hear the word now! I coudn't even spit out most of those words, their like the word "drawer" which is my most hated english word, it is soooo hard for me to say with those "r"s positioned how they are. I can soooo tell I'm going to have lots, and lots, and lots to infinity trouble not just spelling french, but trying to pronounce it! I just have to remember how badly I was slaughtering portuguese at first, but I worked triple hard on the pronunciation and got that down pat!!!

What an inspiring message! Thank you for writing that and very well done you! All of your hard work and perseverance is impressive!

Bien hecho, Carlos!

Congratulations! Your English is very good as well, I hope everything pays off. Thanks for being a part of Duolingo!

That is wonderful!!!! So happy for you! You write very well in English!

This has motivated me a lot! And I'm so happy to here how you progressed so well and quickly!

That's great! I'm glad to hear you're moving up in the world via Duolingo!

That is such wonderful news! You certainly earned your new position, and I wish you much success in it!

That's good, but leafs suck lol

Congratulations on your new job and thank for sharing your story. Here is a Lingot as a present for you!

You give a Lingot, you get a Lingot! :) Here is a Lingot for you!

and here is yours!

amazing!!! congratulations, I am going to study harder with duolingo, :) , its really inspiring

Congratulations! It's always nice to read stories like this one. I am truly happy for you. :)

Congrats! I know I'm probably the millionth person to say that, but I know that I and everybody else truly mean it! Such an amazing and inspiring story! ¡Suerte! :D

Congratulations! Great job! :)

Congratulations! Good luck at your new position!

Congrats Carlos! That's so cool!

Very inspiring thanks for sharing

Congratulations Carlos! Your story is inspiring! Keep up the good work and let us know when you will become a restaurant owner yourself ;)

You´re welcome my friend, God bless you on your new start, and if you need a help i am here ^^, Congrats!!

Fantastic--Keep up the good work!!

that's awesome, congrats!

What an inspiring story!

Thank you for the motivation, bro! :D :)

That's awesome!

your story is very motivating.. i have been practicing Spanish on here for an hour a day.. I am going there to live with my son in Spanish resort. Duolingo has been great!! I also am very grateful..

That was great to read. Good luck in your new position.


Wow! Your story brings me to tears and also encourages me to keep practicing my Spanish. Maybe one day I will be able to speak, not just read Spanish.

That's cool! Congrats!

Congratulations Carlos, that is a fantastic achievement and a very inspirational story. Well done.

Good for you Carlos! It is nice to hear a success story such as this. Congratulations. :)

Little note: we usually say "big number" instead of high. At least, in my part of the USA.

EDIT: I'm from the South Atlantic region of the USA.

One can also say "large numbers".

Fixed. Thank you.

Well, you should note that in my dialect of English that I learned (UK Midlands), I hear high number more often than big number.

Both are used, sometimes nuanced and sometimes interchangeable. In my experience, Americans use "big number" to imply a large amount of something, often money.

"I need some big numbers this quarter." -- A boss to his employees. "You're racking up big numbers" "Big bucks, no whammies!" -- Press Your Luck game show.

Whereas "high number" often emphasizes the number's relative position.

"$20,000? That's kind of a high number, don't you think?" "Higher! Lower!" -- Clock game, The Price is Right game show.

For numbers with many digits, use large.

Just one native's opinion. ;-) Big, high or large, you likely will be understood at the very least.

BTW, great job Carlos! Congrats.

Also, when doing math, usually "greater number" is used as in greater or less than or greatest common denominator!! Yeah I'm a student of all subjects lol (except that I traded in engineering, science, and math for languages whoohoo!!)

Carl0s_, is 'a big number' in Spanish 'un numero alto'?

Congrats on your hard work!!!

AWESOME! I'm glad to heard that.

Congratulations Carlos! Thank you for sharing !

You've worked hard and earned it. Congratulations!!

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing with us.



Congrats! I think you really deserve it! keep with that attitude, always be proactive! :)

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!

That is wonderful, congratulations! Good luck with the new job!

FANTASTIC! CONGRATULATIONS! (sorry for the capitals, but I wanted to shout this!)

Congratulations!!! :) I am so happy for you!!

wow this is so inspiring, i hope to one day be able to use spanish and french in the workplace so reading your story gives me so much faith that it can be done!

Wow, congratulations! It's always good to hear stories like this. :)

That is really great! congrats!! :D

Hope you will learn much and earn money much too... I hope to learn french to improve my french too.

This is really so inspiring, thank you, Carlos! And good luck with your new job c:

Congratulations for your achievement. Duolingo is making the world closer to itself.

Congratulations! I'm currently in the same position, trying to get a job in France but have only done duolingo since about January this year. Let's hope I can learn quickly! I'm norwegian and speak english fluently. Beginner in french and german.

This gives me hope for my Spanish studies here

Thanks for sharing! This made my day. I can't wait to feel that same accomplishment with Spanish!

Que bien! Great to see this.

Success in languages shouln't just be for people who can pay for expensive books, classes, and teachers.

Sooo true! Although after changing majors from chemical engineering to spanish and portuguese, my books seemed super cheap lol! Although I originally learned spanish managing sonic in texas. I had to learn so i could tell all the cooks what to do as they didn't speak english, hardly ever! The mexican cooks would teach me spanish while i taught them english and it totally worked out well! And we were all getting paid, maybe in pennies, but still getting to learn another language! So i guess if anyone needs free spanish lesson just get a job at sonic as a manager or cook in texas and you'll learn real quick!

Well done and congratulations!

felicidades espero que lo estas pasando bein con usted re trabajo

Bravo! You lucky duck! Hope you have a great time with your new job! That shows that you are one on the best! You must of studied and lots of other stuff to get a job like this! Congrats!!! :)

Thanks for sharing! It gives me a little hope for myself in learning Spanish... :) Congrats!

You are writing good english. I'm glad things are working out for you.

That's absolutely Brilliant!!! Kudos to you, Friend!!.. :)

Wow, congratulations! That is really an accomplishment. Good for you being willing to work hard to make a better life. Keep working hard and enjoy your new position.

great job!! and CONGRATS!!!!!!! :)

That's awesome! Congrats!

Awesome!! Great Job!

wa oh, congratulations. Just enjoy your new career.

OMG!! That's so awesome :D. Wow, never really thought of that coming from duolingo... Congrats!! Felicitaciones!

That's great news and congratulations :)

Congratulations Carlos, Good luck.

Nicely done! Congratulations on your new position. I see here that the practice is the key. I shall follow the example and practice. Kind regards, mister Carlos.

I am even more inspired and motivated to continue this course! Well done! :)

Nobody said yet so: WEEEENA CHORO! :D Mis felicitaciones!

Congratulations! That's very inspiring and motivating.


Another inspiring story. Way to go, keep it up!

It was a pleasure to read, thanks.

Great job! When I was in your city recently I noticed how English skills made a difference in industries that interact with tourists and travelers - services were always more expensive with an English speaker, and I know they were paid much more. You write very well so it's great to hear Duolingo has also helped with your speaking skills.

Well-done! This is really beautiful! I wish you more success at work :)

That's awesome.. and.. O.O Wow, you have a big sack of Lingots. xD (and likes :P)

Best of luck to you!

Awesome announcement ! :D

Congratulations! Your story is inspiring. :)

Congratulations! You have shown perseverance and much will to learn and improve your life. You're amazing! ¡Saludos desde Argentina y que tengas muchos éxitos más!

Outstanding! Personal achievement is very satisfying.

thanks for sharing this with me

That's cool. New life... very inspiring. Cheers!

It's awesome that you got a job because of Duolingo! Good Luck! : )

Congratulations! Good luck in your new job. Your employers will be lucky to have such a dedicated employee.

Wow, for just learning English you wrote an excellent letter. Good luck with your new position.

I got hired on a job and need to brush up on Spanish. I know basic but this job is customer service for a health insurance company so I really need to be fluent. They are going to test me next Thursday. We'll again good luck and congratulations.


I'm not sure if you are asking me Isaiah but if you are it's LA care health plan in Los Angeles. They are hiring like crazy.

you got so much a lingots but that is amazing how you got a job.

what is your job you arned

Very motivating story. I'm going for French Fluency and you've inspired me.

Felicitaciones y buena suerte en su nuevo trabajo.

^1 and +1. Good work!

Good luck with the job! Buena suerte amigo!

Very happy to know! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Touching and Inspiring :)

Congratulations! =D

Congratulations Carlos! I bet you already finish your words tree and thats mean you need to stick to read newspapers or books and speak with strangers. That's a lovely story. Keep it up!

Tu historia inspira a muchos que creen que no se puede aprender otro idioma y tener otras oportunidades que no tendrías si te quedas en la negación de querer practicar y aprender un poco más cada dia, felicidades... saludos.

Can not believe I just saw this story.. not sure how I missed it. Good job, Hopefully everything is going well.

Congrats, what a nice thing to hear! I've always thought that learning a second foreign language can become an opportunity under many circumstances, and Duolingo just conveniently help me put this thought in motion.

Great Job! Very Inspiring Story!!

you encouraging me to learn english and fresh i hope i will good speaker too thank you for charing your experiance whith as

Felicitations avec ton travail!

Congratulations on your acheivement!

Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

Where there's a will there's a way. The will was yours and DL was the way, CONGRATULATIONS.

what is your job?

Congrats and thank you for the inspiration. :D

wow, that's so cool. i'm only learning one language, because i'm still in high school (exam time). I am just in awe.

That is fantastic. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for writing this. Very inspiring. Best of good fortune to you.

Well done, and that is a brilliant story to tell us of your success ! I agree Duolingo has helped me too to feel I am at last getting to grips with Spanish. Good luck in your new job!

Very cool and congrats! Here, have a lingot!

Congratulations on your success - good job!

So inspiring! Congratulations! :)

So happy for you. I am trying to relearn Spanish. If I keep at it maybe I will be able to speak it by the time I am 90. But very proud you learned English on Duolingo.

Congrats! this motivates me to study even harder to finish Italian. Hope everything goes well.

Congratulations! You are proof that hard work pays off. Being an english speaker in the U.S. doesn't give much chance to practice, so your story is very uplifting in becoming fluent with only small amounts of practice. I hope your good fortune has, and will, continue.

I know I'm three years late, but congratulations! That's an amazing story.

Thank you, man :)

WOW that's awesome

Really thanks for Duolingo, while I learned in same time seek a job. That was a perfect experience. My first US job was found here - Thanks a lot!

All that and no plus by his name.

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