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"My oldest sister loves his youngest brother."

Translation:Moje nejstarší sestra jeho nejmladšího bratra miluje.

November 20, 2017



Moje nejstarší sestra miluje jeho nejmladšího bratra - is more in czech


Maybe, but it is not the sentence that was chosen for this course. The sentences must be chosen with a specific learning target, not randomly.

Besides, they are really equally good, please read https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aktu%C3%A1ln%C3%AD_v%C4%9Btn%C3%A9_%C4%8Dlen%C4%9Bn%C3%AD http://www.cesky-jazyk.cz/slovnicek-pojmu/aktualni-vetne-cleneni/ and https://www.czechency.org/slovnik/AKTU%C3%81LN%C3%8D%20%C4%8CLEN%C4%9AN%C3%8D%20V%C4%9ATN%C3%89 before future comments like this.


I thought it was ‘My eldest sister loves his youngest brother.’


"Eldest" is also accepted in the reverse exercise. At least in the US, "eldest" is rarely used in everyday speech these days.

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