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Greek and Latin Morphemes for English Usage #11 (2nd edition)

Hello guys! Here is how this thread works: Once a week for the next few weeks, I am going to be posting a discussion on 20 morphemes in Greek and Latin for you guys to learn. I will list the morphemes first, and then I will add the English translations. You can make words out of them, tell them to friends, or do whatever you want (as long as it is reasonable:)

  1. Pleur, Pleuri, Pleuro - Rib, Side

  2. Oto - Ear

  3. Sito, Site - Food

  4. Taxis - Response to, Stimulus (In biological terms)

  5. Sarc - Flesh

  6. Gnath - Jaw

  7. Gastr - Stomach

  8. Arithm - Number

  9. Cran, Crani, Cranio - Skull

  10. Math - Learning

  11. Meso - Middle

  12. Myo - Muscle

  13. Chlor - Light green

  14. Chrys - Gold; Yellow-green

  15. Thorac, Thorax - Chest

  16. Histo - Tissue; Web

  17. Leuco, Leuk, Leuc - White

  18. Stereo - Solid, Three-dimensional

  19. Oxy - Sharp, Acid

  20. Xero - Dry


November 20, 2017



Hey! THANKS! Keep up the good work*


If applying that e.g. to medical terms that translated words sometimes suddenly become rather trivial.

For example 'eukaryote' : eukaryotes their name, which comes from the Greek εὖ (eu, "well" or "true") and κάρυον (karyon, "nut" or "kernel"). So thus a 'true' 'nut'.

For example 'mitosis' which basically means 'thread' in Greek.

Nothing more and nothing less, one might think it is a big thing. So just a Greek description of which translated back in your own language would be quite trivial words.

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