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  5. "The woman is not popular."

"The woman is not popular."

Translation:여자는 인기가 없습니다.

November 21, 2017



You can use 인기가 or 인기. My native Korean friend said that people use both.


Is there a rule as to where one would use 여자는 인기가 없습니다 rather than 여자는 인기없습니다?


This is my biggest question I've got about Korean. Sometimes it asks for the particle on the adjective, other times it doesn't. Is it optional? Does its inclusion indicate/infer something special? If anyone can provide any input on this, it would be nice.


this is just for academic purpose. the way u say it is like half informal half formal. so u either say it whole formal which is wat is given in book or like here. or u say informal way 여자는 인기 없어.


Why is it nin after woman and not ga? Isn't woman the subject and not topic?


From what I understand, the woman is the topic of the sentence and is therefore marked by -는. As my teacher explained to me, that piece -는 can be like saying "As for the woman, she is not popular." It indicates what the topic is or what the topic is changing to. Please correct me if I'm wrong or if more can be added.


For any of the kpop stans, is inkigayo from 인기 ? Is that why its called inkigayo? Cuz it's all the popular idols and celebs?


인기가 or 인기? qual a diferença?


여자는 인기가 업습니다 Is this actually correct?


Pls explain why it is not 여 자 이


That's so hard yrr


Why can't you use 멋없습니다?

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