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Feature Suggestion To Show Completed Tree

We all know how much of an achievement it is to finally finish a tree. The thing is, you can't tell if someone has finished a tree by looking at their profile or when the post a comment. So I had an idea: what if when you post a comment, the languages that you have finished the tree has a nice little golden circle around those to show everyone that wow you did it! Or, maybe it was silver if you finished your tree and turned gold if all of your skills are gold. What do you guys think? Do you have any other ideas of how they could show this? (honestly i feel like jake paul every time i say this) but make sure to let me know in the comments below! ⬇⬇⬇

November 21, 2017



Now that I see so many wonderful suggestions around here, I feel the urge to start coding a Chrome extension that improves Duolingo's capabilities. I've been considering ideas like YouTube embeds, blocking that actually works on the forums, and now I'm considering this! My question is, is there any way to determine a user's tree progress through the /users/ notation? I'm wondering how that duolingo.eu site got a number of golden owls for languages. (Seeing the number, I think it was based off a thread's posts where users signed up.) If it were possible, then this feature could definitely be coded into an extension.


Based on what I've seen here, I don't think it's completely possible to get golden owl data. Maybe I could follow what piguy3 said and scan for skills learned (instead of word count, unless there is an issue with that). What I could do with the extension is have it act like a web spider when you visit a thread that checks each users' skill count and adds a golden ring around each flag that has a golden owl (i.e. all skills learned). I wonder how I'll do this for users with multiple languages, since I think the /users/ page only shows data for the language you're currently learning.


You can get very close al least: get the words learned count and compare it to the total for the tree (which you get from someone you know to have finished it).


Hi Adam,

with the new Scala 2017 web portal, where every skilly is locked and stays locked (you will get directed to the "Home" page when you try to use a direct URL link to a grey-locked skill) it could be done easier than checking the word count like this:

  • hard code (e.g a constant) the last skill for each language tree into the script
  • check if ALL lessons of the last skill have been completed (again there needs to be a constant in the tree)

You can NOT anymore access the last skill and finish lessons within, without completing all the other direct skills before.

With tree 2.0/3.0 updates the word count changes, so this might be more difficult to reflect in a script incl. updates, than just checking for the last completed skill.

Of course, reading / checking a DuoLingo internal "tree finished variable" for achievements & co. would be much better, if this works for all trees.

The interesting (very good) thing about duolingo.eu is, that the author's script is able to display ALL trees for the same language, this includes all reverse and laddering trees.

e.g EN-PT, SP-PT, FR-PT.

I am not sure how the new Scala web portal would display this information in my user profile (I have not started laddering trees or even the other two Romance languages).
Cleeent's SHOF script seems to scan the user visible shown (forum/user profile) languages for level 25 completions, and probably displays PT only once??!

Duo won't add levels from 2-3 other trees into a single language level, will it?


I'm also wondering where .eu pulls the golden owls. It shows me as having a golden French tree when in reality I haven't touched the French tree in at least six months and only two of the skills are golden.


Yeah, I was asking about that.


http://duolingo.eu streak list shows you that you have completed your tree (golden owl).
Your skills do not need to be gold.


It doesn't seem to work correctly. I have a golden owl in french (I just checked to make sure, there were no new skills or such) but the duolingo.eu does not show french for me.


Sorry to hear this.

At least it works for me on duolingo.eu with my EN-PT tree, which is completed (golden owl) ;)


I can agree with Rhabarberbarbara; I also checked there and if by completed trees I should have two (German & Spanish); if by level 25, as with the posts, I should have none, but I have only German there.


Sorry to hear this.

At least it works for me on duolingo.eu with my EN-PT tree, which is completed (golden owl) ;)


That's a great idea! Here, have some lingots :-)


Ah, yeah! I really like this, it should totally be implemented :)


Amazing idea! Another way to represent it is a small golden circle in the lower-left corner, but I think rings would be really cool! Can they add the feature? I'm looking forward to it!


Complete agreement :)


www.duolingo.eu streak list and for completed trees (golden owl at the bottom) has the concept of transparent language flags.
I like their idea, but the transparent flag it is barely readable.

+1 vote on your ideas for golden circles or golden left/right stars.


Indeed! Then maybe we don't need so many "Finished my X tree!" posts anymore, haha :P Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with posting about such an achievement. Seriously, though, I think having a golden circle on languages with completed trees is a simplistic yet creative idea for showing this.


I totally agree. Kinda weird that there are so many achievement awards along the way and yet this to me seems the main one and it's neglected. Defs should go up


Champion covers completing all skills in a lnaguage - and shows a different value in each of my languages. I suspect though, that you'll only get one Champion award fir the first tree you complete.

Shiny covers having all skills golden at one time - again I suspect you'll only get one for the first language.

It would be really great to have an indicator on the forum headings...with the amount of strengthening I do, I suspect I'll reach Level 25 long before I complete the tree! I like to be completely golden before I move on...


yeah, I only noticed "Achievements" the other day. They're new, right? Anyway, when I first noticed it, it already had 3 stars for Champion saying "you conquered a course", so it must have recognised that I'd completed the Spanish tree. However I've just finished the Chinese tree and nothing has changed, so it looks like it only recognises it once [and doesn't specify which one]. Similarly I already had 3 stars on the "shiny" from the spanish course. I reckon the idea of a circle or something around your flag showing you'd completed the tree would be good, and help motivation which is something Duolingo does well in general.


Quote Elin: I suspect I'll reach Level 25 long before I complete the tree! I like to be completely golden before I move on...

Well, how long do you plan for your course(s) with goal 30.000XP then?
2/3 years or more? :-)

Is this effective when you do not push forward at any time and at least try to get the big picture of all grammar stuff?
Also please note:
There also might be so many "bulls.....words" to my personal feeling in "vocabulary skills" that I do not expect that a DL tree focuses on:

  • the "high frequency" words (I may be wrong)
  • nor does it focus to teach the skill in any order how to SPEAK (use, write/chat) within a foreign language (again, I might be wrong).

I did NOT feel that I rushed through my Portuguese tree at any time - I did even use Memrise in parallel to endlessly review my backlog queue words daily.

Took me ~1 year to finish my tree with 411/413 lessons to reach a little bit over 10.000XP (I was NOT doing 100-150XP per day!).

But not ALL skills are golden.
I will try to do this the next months and see over how many strengthen bugs I will stumble over...

You know...you can strengthen 2-3 grammar skills two to three times (and I definitely did) and those skills still lose their strength early and I have to re-do some later.

IMHO there will probably never be a point in my Duo PT tree that I can manage that a skill will stay longer gold after the 2nd/3rd checkpoint... ................or I would have to make ~150-250XP++ per day......... ...........................or I should not strengthen the single skill but re-do all 10 lessons every time....honestly, I have no idea.
However I agree with you, that the grammar skills are those skills, that one want to review regularly....maybe each 2-3 weeks until they stick?!

Once you review them, you will probably find out, that you forgot almost everything (at least at levels 16/17) and when you are going to re-read the "tips and notes" web section you "almost" start from zero.

"Vocabulary skills" words can IMHO be more effectively reviewed on Memrise (DuoLingo clone courses) and other flashcard software, and you can randomly review them (to your liking) WITH some sentences on DuoLingo; or try Lingvist's ~5000 words courses which show Spanish/French sentences and use "fill the word into the blank" teaching style.

Personally I am NOT convinced that ALL skills have to be golden in your tree all the time!

There also is not any "strengthen ALL grammar a) past tenses / b) future tense / c) subjective d) ... skills" button, which randomizes the grammar skills and poll question across different grammar skills.

But there definitely should be a button like this, or an option, what skills to include/exclude.


Plan? Plan? What is this plan of which you speak?!

My plan (for want of a better word) is to be on DL at least once a day and do at least one exercise. Sometimes I reach 100-150 XP, sometimes it's just 10 XP. I'm checking out Memrise (too flashcardy for my liking, but useful for non-Roman alphabets), Bliu Bliu (too soon to tell...can't quite work out what's going on!) and Mondly - all thanks to your suggestions on various discussions.

In addition, I'm doing night schools in Welsh at a higher level than the completed tree on DL - so DL is revision for me. I've previously learned Italian & German at higher level than DL and want to restart them, prior to (I hope) finding evening classes.

The other languages are add ons that I want to learn because I want to learn them - they (bar Swahili) share grammar similarities with one or more of the other languages with which I'm familiar (I also learned French and Latin at school and they're in there somewhere!).

So, I'll finish the trees when I get there...I'm thinking I'll need to spend a couple of weekends moving up/down the Italian and German trees - I've just realised I'm only at the first checkpoint! But since DL is not my only resourse, I'm not worrying.

Looking at my Welsh tree, I'm currently L9, 1660 XP and 28/97 lessons after 71 days, so maybe my extimate was wrong?


Maybe for finished trees (I have 2). Or maybe only for a finished tree that has been all golden for at least one moment (I have only one). Or maybe both of them.


That's actually a great idea.


Great idea! And the suggestion of a golden owl for all skills gold at the same time (maybe once, or for a certain amount of time) might be a good feature to keep people from rushing the tree just to get the achievement - something which, from a didactic point of view, should be avoided.


You know...you can strengthen 2-3 grammar skills two to three times and those skills still lose their strength.

I did not feel that I rush through my Portuguese tree. Took me ~1 year to finish it. But not all skills are golden.
I will try to do this the next months and see over how many strengthen bugs I will stumble over...


Yeah I agree, I have the feeling DuoLingo tends to overdo the decay of the skill strengths, at least for those who did not need to get an insane amount of experience and time to finish a tree. They may want to reconsider the algorithm for that.


This is awesome! They should definitely do this.


I am in agreement with this idea!


It would be awesome if instead of showing the flag on your comments, It shows the golden duo trophy with your level next to it!

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I don't think dl.eu's data is accurate, though. At least not for my account. I've got 7 golden owls (used to have 8 before the Norwegian tree had been updated to version 2), but it shows I have only 2.


Maybe the script is not updated for some tree changes (e.g words count, last skill, etc.) and therefore not compatible with all languages?

By accident I found this detal user data from dl.eu.
0,0% is obviously wrong for you for the rest of the trees ;)


My personal data (only one finished tree, golden owl) looks a bit better on dl.eu.


Funny, you need to include the dot behind your name "https://duolingo.eu/Petja."

There is another user without the dot at the end.
Maybe the "." is confusing the script a little bit...

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