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  5. "我的姐姐最近花太多钱了!"


Translation:My older sister spent too much money recently!

November 21, 2017



We just learned that hūa means flower and then they give us a sentence using its other meaning...


I prefer to learn these kind of multiple meanings early on, before a single meaning becomes so strongly engrained that there's no "room" in my mind for other meanings.


I can see why "My older sister has recently spent too much money." is incorrect. It's COMPLETELY different. If I heard that I realize now that I would be so confused and would have to ask for clarification.


This course did seem to straight to beta, best to just report it and hope the devs are still working on it.


Recently my older sister spent too much money


In English it would be more natural to say "has been spending too much money recently" or 'has spent too much money recently'.


How do we know it's sister and not sisters? I had a picture of a sisters shopping trip in my mind.


You can (and usually) clarify it by saying 姐姐们, but there is a possibility of it being sisters and not sister.


My older sister spent a lot of money recently - was rejected (16/06/20)

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