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  5. "Mr. Li, this is Miss Wang."

"Mr. Li, this is Miss Wang."


November 21, 2017



In China, 小姐 is less used to mean young lady because the meaning prostitute took over the original meaning; 女士 (nǚshì) is used instead. One can still use 小姐 as a title (see the usage example). Do not use 小姐 to call a waitress, but use the neutral word 服務員/服务员 (fúwùyuán) for that instead. The definition may revert somewhat in the distant future (becoming similar to the word 姑娘 (gūniang)). source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/小姐


I learned you're supposed to introduce people by saying "She is Miss Wang," in Chinese, not "This is." Is it a regional thing?


Nope. Both is acceptable, depending on whether the one being introduced is in front of you or not.


This sentence reminded me of the mnemonic ”王伯伯、白小姐坐在石头上“ for the word 碧(bi4) - blue, bluish-green, jade or jade green colour.

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