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  5. "你想试一下吗?"


Translation:Would you like to try it?

November 21, 2017



Their answer is completely out of context! "Shi yi xia" only means give it a try. Without knowing that we are talking about a piece of clothing, one would never guess that it means to try on.


Would you like to try?


This is the actual translation


Would you like to try? = Accepted: 03 feb. 2020.


Can "Do you want to try it out" be accepted?


Would you like to give it a try?

Sounds correct right?


Do you want to try a little? (or) Do you want to try a bit? ... Why wrong?


yeah I would like to know too, 一下 is supposed to add a notion of a little, a bit, right? I mean that's what the lessons told us before.


It's all context; if this phase is used to talk about trying some food or drink, then the English might be "would you like to try a bit/ some/ a sip etc. But in English you "try on" clothing or you might "try out" a toy or some device like a bottle opener - all can be "试一下", so all should really be accepted by Duo.


The characters have no clue to wearing or putting on clothes.
Entering the English answer through an online translator adds the word '穿‘, between 试 and 一. Therefor, any of the answers about 'You want to try' should be acceptable.


I guess the clothing context is provided by the 'Shopping 2' title in which this exercise appears, also the other exercises here talk about clothes.


to try out  |  to attempt试 ( shi / shì ) belongs to the 1000 most common Chinese characters (rank 731)

Chinese example words containing the character 试 ( shi / shì )

考试 ( kăoshì = examination ), 试验 ( shìyàn = test )

Other characters that are pronounced shì in Chinese

世 (generation) , 事 (affair) , 势 (strength) , 士 (scholar) , 室 (room) , 市 (city) , 式 (type) , 是 (to be) , 柿 (persimmon) , 示 (to show) , 视 (to look at) , 逝 (to die) , 适 (to suit) , 释 (to explain) , 饰 (decoration)

More words that mean to try in Chinese

shĕn ( 审 ), shìyàn ( 试验 )

More words that mean to test in Chinese

kăo ( 考 )


Would you like to try?


Jesus christ. They only accept one very specific sentence and ANY variation is wrong.


As Richard 711603 said, to try on clothes is 试穿。(shi4 chuan1) This sentence translates as Would you like to try a little.


I could see the answer happening in context of a clothing store where a sales clerk guestures at clothes, but as has been said... We have no context to make the additional words materialize. I got it "right", but only because I guessed at what they were stretching for.


Where is "it" ?


What's the difference between 一点儿 and 一下 ?


In the tips for Restaurant: 一下
For a little bit of a thing or an action

In the tips for Languages: 一点儿
Before nouns to talk about a small amount of something


does this expression refer to both clothing and food, like at the counter of cheese or ham? Or only to clothing?


I heard the female voice say: "ing"; not "nǐ ".


Want to try it? - might be missing a subject but this is more natural/idiomatic English and should be accepted.


Do you want to try this on?

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